Shootings in Democrat-Run New Orleans Over 100 Percent Higher Than 2016

Shootings in Democrat-run New Orleans are more than 100 percent higher than they were at this same point in 2016. This spike in violence is also being witnessed in Democrat-run Baltimore and Chicago. According to The Times-Picayune, the “55 people were wounded by gunfire this January – more than double the total for non-fatal shooting victims in January 2016.” Among the wounded were eight juveniles and “a 5-month-old girl.” There were also 22 murders, “the highest since January 2012, when 25 were killed.” It is worth noting that all but three of the 22 murders for January 2017 have been ruled “definitive shootings.” The Baltimore Sun reports that Democrat-run Baltimore witnessed 32 murders in January, the vast majority of which were the result of shootings. And Democrat-run Chicago witnessed 54 murders in the first 30 days of January alone. The Chicago Tribune reports the number of overall shooting victims in Chicago for the month of January was 311. In Chicago, city leaders and state lawmakers are responding to gun control’s failure by pressing for more gun control, including a bill that will require serial numbers to be added to all bullets and bullet casings sold at retail in the state. Although this will do nothing to lessen crime, it will succeed in driving the price of ammunition higher, making self-defense even more cost prohibitive for poorer families on Chicago’s South Side.

And that is why this cycle repeats itself.  Democrats run the overwhelming majority of our big cities (i.e. Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.), and in most cases have for not just decades, but generations.  And it is in these big cities that we see such chronic high levels of gun-related violence and murder.  Yet, we also see the most restrictive gun laws in the country in these same Dem-controlled big cities.  The Dems response to the problem?  More gun-control.  They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.  The only thing these Dems know how to do is to adhere to their dogmatic religion of more and more gun control.  Seems like they meet that definition of do the people in our big cities that continue to vote for them year after year.

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