NAACP Vows to Oppose Trump’s Voter Fraud Investigation

The head of the NCAAP has come out in stark opposition to President Donald J. Trump’s coming investigation into voter fraud, claiming it is “racist.” In an interview on CNN, Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, insisted that his organization would “resist” the president’s investigation into fraud during the 2016 election. “The President has claimed millions of fraudulent ballots were cast. The only place you will find millions of fraudulent ballots are right beside that fake birth certificate for Barack Obama, inside the imagination of President Trump. They don’t exist,” Brooks said on Thursday. Instead of vote fraud, Brooks insisted that there was “unrelenting voter suppression” of the minority vote in 2016. “We have seen our rights denied as Americans. Particularly seniors, African-Americans, Latinos and younger people,” Brooks exclaimed. “So, if the President insists upon conducting an investigation into voter fraud as a pretext for voter suppression, the NAACP, along with millions of Americans of every human heritage, will resist. We will push back.” Brooks recently jumped to his Twitter account to attack the President’s investigation, calling it a figment of Trump’s imagination. In a formal statement, Brooks called vote fraud a “myth” and insisted that voter suppression is a fact.

No, Cornell, you black racist tool..  It’s a self-serving, liberal, agenda-driven talking point of yours, intended to drum up support for your racist organization..  Turns out, President Trump was right in that there WAS a LOT of voter fraud in the 2016 election.  Just scroll down 3 articles (below) and you’ll see that research has determined that at least 800,000 illegals voted for Hillary!  That’s not chump change, folks.  Based on those findings, Trump absolutely SHOULD direct a federal investigation into voter fraud and corruption nation-wide.  We ALL deserve to know how far-reaching, and impacting, this voter fraud and corruption was…and we want to feel comfortable knowing that our votes count, and that dead people and illegal aliens aren’t voting in our elections.  But, for Cornell, who doesn’t really care about the truth or the integrity of our elections, it’s just another opportunity to put out more self-serving, agenda-driven, liberal lies..and continue to play the failed race card.  Historically, its a card that has unfortunately been effective in suppressing the truth, as too many white Republicans are too afraid of being labeled a “racist.”  Thank God Donald Trump doesn’t care, or fall, for those disingenuous tactics.

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