Hillary Clinton Received Over 800,000 Illegal Votes, Research Claims

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received over 800,000 illegal votes from noncitizens of the United States, according to academic research. A study by political scientist Jesse Richman from Old Dominion University in Virginia found that 6.4 percent of the 20 million noncitizens who reside in the United States voted in November’s presidential election. He then extrapolated these results into support for each presidential candidate, estimating that Clinton would have received 81 percent support from noncitizens, therefore receiving an extra 834,000 votes. The number of 834,000 is significant enough to have tipped some of the closest races in Clinton’s favor, including New Hampshire, Nevada, and Maine, all of which Clinton won by margins of under 3 percent. It would also have reduced Clinton’s margin of victory in the popular vote, which she won by 2.8 million by dominating cosmopolitan centers such as New York and California. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump said he would be opening up a “major investigation into voter fraud,” promising to “strengthen up voting procedures.”

Great!  It’s about time!  Voter ID should be a no-brainer.  That, and making sure that voter rolls are clear of people who are dead, no longer living in a given precinct…and so on.  This research substantiates Trump’s position that a significant number of illegals DID, in fact vote last November…and had a significant impact.  It only makes sense that a thorough investigation be done to get all the facts, and make the necessary adjustments/fixes to prevent this from happening again.

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