High-tech RV comes complete with its own helicopter

Are you planning a road trip? Ditch the crowded car and hit the highway in style with a new high-tech RV that’s as sleek as it is expensive. Not your average camper, the Elysium is 45 feet long and eight feet wide. But double-wide luxury doesn’t come cheap. The whole vehicle with all the latest finishes will likely set you back millions of dollars. According to a Furrion company press release, this luxurious mansion on wheels comes complete with a rooftop hot tub and two-person Robinson R22 helicopter– just perfect for taking in aerial views of the many camping sites you’re bound to see. Then get ready for the smart, water-conserving shower and toilets with flushing settings for…whatever goes in them. And you don’t have to give up gourmet food in the spacious, state of the art kitchen complete with a convection microwave, dishwasher, American (read: extra-large) refrigerator with French doors and a freezer, and an oven. There’s an even a wine fridge for storing all of your favorite vintages on the road. For those traveling couch potatoes, you’re in your element here with not one, but three large screen 75-inch TVs able to withstand both strong vibration and bad weather– because who wants to actually go outside on a camping trip? There’s really no need to leave this mobile home at all since it even has a fireplace. But, before you get your hopes up for your next adventure, this motorhome isn’t actually for sale– yet. It’s the brainchild of global technology firm Furrion, which develops tech-savvy products for the luxury market. A representative for the company said that with the helicopter, the RV would cost $2.5 million. The Elysium made its debut at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

Very cool!!  To see photos of this thing, click on the text above.

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