Aurora, Colorado police probe possible hate crime after white woman claims she was sexually assaulted by two black men

Authorities in Aurora, Colorado were investigating a possible hate crime after a woman was sexually assaulted at a shopping center last week. Investigators say a 24-year-old woman was attacked Friday at the Mission Viejo Plaza Shopping Center in Aurora, according to CBS Denver. Aurora police say two African-American men sexually assaulted the woman and yelled racial slurs at her before leaving the scene. Police say the woman, who is white, didn’t know the alleged attackers. Police haven’t said whether they were calling the attack a hate crime. “You feel less safe. You feel worried for your family. I have daughters that are 18 and 21, so same for them. It makes us all feel vulnerable,” Claire Miller, an Aurora resident, told CBS Denver. Police said they don’t have any leads or suspects, but were scouring the area for clues and going over surveillance footage.

Normally we avoid the human interest stories, and the crime beat stories.  But, this happened about a mile from where we are here at The Daily Buzz.  So, this story is personal.  Hopefully the Aurora PD will find these two pieces of garbage, and arrest them.  For more on this story, and to see the local news report/video, click on the text above.  Awful..

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