EPA says water quality back to normal after EPA-caused Gold King Mine spill

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday that water quality in Colorado and New Mexico rivers has returned to normal since the massive Gold King Mine spill unleashed by an EPA-led crew. Nearly 540 tons of metals rushed into Colorado’s Animas River in nine hours, a release that normally would have taken four to seven days or “one to two days of high spring runoff,” according to the EPA’s final analysis of the August 2015 spill. Even so, the report said samples collected over the next year found that mineral levels are now the same at the Animas and San Juan rivers before they were contaminated by the bright yellow plume. “The research supports EPA’s earlier statements that water quality in the affected river system returned to the levels that existed prior to the GKM release and contamination of metals from the release have moved through the river system to Lake Powell,” said the EPAstatement. At the same time, “the concentrations of some metals in the GKM plume were higher than historical mine drainage,” said the EPA. The massive spill has represented an ongoing headache for the Obama administration since an EPA-led crew uncorked 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater while clearing debris from the inactive mine near Silverton, Colorado. House and Senate Republicans have accused the administration of holding double-standard on the spill, arguing that anyone else responsible for the acidic drainage would have faced more severe consequences, while EPA administrator Gina McCarthy has insisted that the agency is taking full responsibility. An Interior Department investigation found the crew failed to assess the water pressure behind the debris before excavating, but no government officials or workers have been punished or fired for their involvement, according to a probe by the House Natural Resources Committee.

If you haven’t seen photos of the Gold King Mine spill, just Google “Gold King Mine,” and take a good hard look those disgusting photos of rivers here in Colorado, as well as New Mexico that turned orange (yes, orange!) from this toxic crap!  Just fathom if it had been some private company or an individual who had been responsible..  The EPA would fine them, and send their stormtroopers to arrest them..  But, ironically, it was Gina’s EPA that was responsible for this disaster, and nobody at EPA has so much as lost their job.  Typical..  The EPA does NOTHING to protect our environment, and in many cases (as was the case here) only damages it.  It’s a bloated, bureaucratic, wasteful, and frankly unconstitutional federal agency that should be dissolved once and for all.  Anyway, to read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

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