Democrats fall short in bid to stymy Trump in Electoral College

House Democrats attempted to lodge protests Friday against the Electoral College votes of several of the states that backed President-elect Donald Trump but each was ruled out of order by Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Protesters then attempted to disrupt the count, standing up and chanting their own objections as they were dragged from the chamber by police officers. Mr. Trump was confirmed the winner with 304 electoral votes, well more than the 270 needed for a majority. Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ nominee, earned 227 votes. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was also confirmed as the next vice president, with 305 electoral votes. As the roll call of states proceeded a handful of House Democrats refused to accept the results, claiming that massive voter suppression, interference by Russian-backed actors and other problems poisoned the vote in a number of states, making it invalid. But under the rules, an objection needs to be in writing and signed by a member of both the House and Senate. No senators signed onto the objections, and Mr. Biden tossed each of them out.

And our Republic stands strong as ever!  Kudos to VP Joe Biden (D) for doing his job and not putting up with this nonsense from members of his own party.  Crazy Uncle Joe, as he is sometimes called, oftentimes does and says some breathtakingly stupid things.  But, on this day, when it mattered, he stepped up.  So, we give credit where credit is due.  Now..all you sore loser Dems…it is now officially over.

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