ESPN $5.6b Debacle: Football Semifinal Ratings down 32% from 2014

The $5.6 billion New Year’s Eve nightmare continued for ESPN, with Saturday’s games averaging only a 10.4 rating, down 32 percent from the 15.4 rating just two years ago. The Sporting News tried to put the best face on the debacle, noting it was not quite as bad as the 9.8 in 2015, which was a 36 percent drop from 2014. ESPN can now only hope the title game next week between Alabama and Clemson goes better than when the same two teams met last year..

It would seem that college football is getting some of the backlash in lower viewership that the NFL is experiencing for a host of reasons including the nauseating almost promotion of idiots like Colin Kaepernick, and the brazen over-the-top political correctness also promoted by the NFL.  Frankly, people are sick of it.  ESPN and the rest of the liberal sports news media had better understand what led to Donald Trump’s election…and adjust the way they do their programming accordingly, or their ratings will continue to plummet.  The folks want to watch their sports, without the bs..and they’re voting with their wallets..and their remote controls.  To read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

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