Missouri to loosen requirements for concealed carry, triggering debate

On New Year’s Day, Missouri will join several other states that have eliminated the requirement for a concealed carry license. Senate Bill 656 will go into effect, allowing people to carry concealed guns in public without a permit. There are exceptions, such as felons and domestic violence abusers. In Missouri, getting a concealed carry license requires people to pass a firearms training class and go to the sheriff’s department where they run a background check and then issue the license. Those requirements go away in just a few days. “I lost a tool. A very important tool to prevent that next act of violence,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker (D) said. Baker says when the bill goes into effect, she will be forced to drop charges on over 100 gun cases. Currently, those suspects are accused of carrying around a gun without a permit, but in a few days, it will be okay. “Those were opportunities for us to reach out before a violent act had occurred. Now the Missouri Legislature says I must wait,” Baker said. Kevin Jamieson, who is an outspoken proponent of the bill, says the bad guys will get guns no matter what the law says. He maintains that making it easier for people to carry concealed weapons actually allows people to better defend themselves, and saves lives instead of increasing crime. “There is no possible way you can point to anything in this bill and show me it is going to allow bad guy to have guns or carry guns,” Jamieson said. “This is an advantage to people who suddenly pick up a stalker or some dangerous situation, they can carry something for personal protection until they take the class.”

Exactly!!  What a great victory for gun rights in Missouri!!   Excellent!!    🙂

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