Starnes: Hey parents, malls are for commerce — not babysitting

Shoppers and shopkeepers across the nation were terrorized by rampaging mobs of teenage thugs and juvenile delinquents over the Christmas weekend. More than a dozen malls across the nation were either evacuated or completely shut down due to “large disturbances.” The two major malls in my hometown (Memphis) were among those rocked by violence. There was even a chaotic scene inside the Oak Court Mall — at what had been one of the most upscale malls in the Mid-South. There was no rhyme or reason to the violence. Police speculate that social media may have played a role. But there was a common denominator — most of the chaos was caused by unsupervised teenagers. And hardly anyone was arrested.  That needs to stop. It’s time for the police to crack down on lawlessness. There should be no more coddling. If teenagers disrupt commerce and cause mayhem, they should spend the night in jail. It’s time for these kids to learn that actions must have consequences. It’s also time for shopping malls to evict unsupervised and underage young people. It may not be popular with community activists, but anyone under the age of 18 without parental supervision has no business in a mall. Period. 

While we’re not quite ready to go to that level, author Todd Starnes DOES have a good point.  Most of these thugs and losers were minors who weren’t there to shop and engage in commerce.  They were there to be disruptive…and it was premeditated.  Here in sunny Aurora, Colorado, there were over 500 maggots involved in the mayhem at the Aurora mall the other day (scroll down about 7 articles to read bout that one) , and only about a half dozen or so teens were arrested…including one 15 year old punk who thought it was smart to take a swing at an Aurora police officer.  Why weren’t there more?  These teens who were involved need to be identified, and shamed…and their parents should be held to account as well.

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