Huckabee: We Ought to Jackhammer the UN Into the East River

During Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) suggested taking a jackhammer to the United Nations after the Security Council voted to condemn Israeli settlements. “I think we ought to get jackhammers and we ought to jackhammer the whole thing off, float it into the East River,” Huckabee said. “Ask anybody who would like to host it, to come pick it up, haul it off. And it’ll be a lot easier to park in Manhattan after we get rid of it.”

No kidding..  The United States SHOULD remain in the UN, and retain it’s permanent position on the UN Security Council with its veto power.  That said..  What has the UN ever done for the national security, or economic, interests of the United States?  Short answer..nothing.  And yet we throw BILLIONS and BILLIONS of our hard-earned tax dollars at this organization…knowing we’ll get nothing in return.  That’s a very bad investment, and it’s needs to stop.  So, we should kick the UN out of NYC, and send to Geneva, Switzerland or some other western European nation…and then let those nations fund it.  Kudos to former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) for saying what needs to be said more often.

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