Colbert: It ‘Wouldn’t Hurt’ for Trump to Read the Constitution

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” comedian and host of the network’s late-night program Stephen Colbert sarcastically recommended President-elect Donald Trump should read the Constitution. When asked what one thing Trump should read before entering office Colbert said, “Well, the Constitution wouldn’t hurt because I’m not sure if he’s as familiar with it as, as, as one would hope, and it’s a pretty good read. Pretty good read. It’s well thought out.” He added, “I actually don’t know what he’s lacking in information. I mean, if we’re to believe his ghostwriter, he might want to read ‘Art of the Deal’ because he says didn’t write a word of it.”

Wow..  This is so rich..  Stephen Colbert is a very liberal, almost socialist (big surprise) Canadian…and he’s suggesting that Trump read the U.S. “Constitution?”  lol   Maybe he should tell Obama, who has spent the last 8 years penning brazenly unconstitutional executive orders, to read that great document.  What a self-righteous moron Stephen is!  He tries to portray himself as this thoughtful, smart comedian..who can talk politics and other heady topics on liberal Sunday talk shows..  Yet, he’s making a total fool of himself, if you actually consider what he’s saying.  And these idiots at Face the Nation don’t have the journalistic competence to simply ask, “what specific part of the Constitution, or it’s Bill of Rights, do you think Trump, who hasn’t even been in public office yet, needs help with?  Clearly you have some fear that he’ll violate some provision.  Which part? And please be specific.”  Any even remotely mediocre journalist would follow up like that.  But, since Stephen is on their side politically, and is feeding their agenda to discredit the President elect, they just give stupid comments like his a pass.  Typical..


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