Five Machine Guns for Your Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Christmas is closing in fast, and many of us could use some last-minute shopping ideas. Breitbart News, therefore, wants to promote five machine guns that would make great Christmas purchases. Granted, the process for getting a machine gun is so riddled with bureaucratic nonsense that even if you purchase one today, you will not get it until six to eight months after Christmas. (A machine gun purchase requires the buyer to be photographed, fingerprinted, and subjected to a background check. The buyer must also register the machine gun and pay the federal government a $200 tax.) But at least the purchase will be made, and Santa can leave a friendly note explaining that you have a machine gun on the way! For those who do not know, machine guns are legal to own in the majority of states. The catch with purchasing one is that the gun has to have been manufactured before May 19, 1986. Because of this, there is a finite number of guns available. Therefore, prices can be exceedingly high. Here is a list of five possibilities for Christmas purchase:. Just click here to see the list.

The only one on this list I can personally vouch for is the H&K MP5. I fired that one several years ago…in Afghanistan. Excellent weapon! 🙂

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