Illegal Aliens Rally in Northern California for Sanctuary for Illegals, Muslims, LGBTs

Illegal aliens and supporters for a sanctuary city stood out in the rain in front of the city’s administration building on Thursday chanting, “Not on our watch,” and “One city, one fight.” They want protection for illegal aliens, Muslims, and the LGBT community. The Merced Sun Star reported about the gathering and press conference in Merced, California, a city located in Merced County in the Central Valley of Northern California. The population of the city is just a little over 80,000 people. A group called the Merced Organizing Project were reported to be thinking about asking city and county officials for solutions in becoming a “regional sanctuary” for illegal aliens. The report said supporters of the idea began talking about the idea after the election of Donald Trump. Members of the group, and another group called Faith in the Valley PICO partners, were said to be urging President Barack Obama to protect illegal aliens, and to give clemency for nonviolent drug offenders who are in jail. The PICO group are from five counties in California – Fresno, Kern, Merced, San Joaquin and Stanislaus. The call for a sanctuary city for illegal aliens in California is just the latest in the move by open border activists and Democrats to dig their heels in for sanctuary city protection.

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