Tim Allen Hammers ‘Precious Snowflakes’ Over ‘Microaggressions’ On ‘Last Man Standing’ (Video)

Baxter family patriarch Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) took aim at political correctness and microaggressions in the latest episode of ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, entitled “Precious Snowflake.” The episode sees Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim) ask her father to deliver a speech at her business school’s graduation. The speech, however, must be approved by a school committee tasked with rooting out any offensive language, words commonly referred to by the PC police as “microaggressions.” “Microaggressions?” Mike asks Mandy. “You mean, like, ‘midget warriors’?” “No,” Mandy replies. “They’re objectionable words or phrases. For instance, ‘Midget warriors.’” “I know what microaggressions are,” Mike says. “It’s the latest liberal attack at free speech. And a lot of fun if you do ’em right.” Mandy takes Mike’s speech and flags phrases like “Ladies and Gentlemen” and America is the “land of opportunity” as offensive and unacceptable. Mike, insistent on delivering a microaggression-inducing speech, reads it to his wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis). “To quote future Nobel Prize winner Lee Greenwood, ‘I’m proud to be an American.’ Not just because I have the right to speak my mind or carry an awesome gun, but because it’s the land of opportunity,’” Mike reads. “‘Some whiny babies might not think so, but in America, if you work hard, anyone can be successful.” “The thought police are never gonna approve that speech,” Vanessa warns.

No kidding…  I found myself over Thanksgiving suddenly dealing with a younger family member who threw that word “microaggressions” in face (a term I STILL don’t know what means, nor do I care to) so as to stifle an otherwise  friendly debate we were having..and when I laughed, she said that I wasn’t “respecting” her, stormed off and slammed a door…in her grandmother’s (my mother’s) home.  Wow..  These tender little “snowflakes” are an unfortunate product of the extreme liberal bilge being dumped into their heads, and being reinforced by peers and parents who are equally misguided.  All they have is a liberal arts academic/college background, and NO life experience…and then when confronted with an opposing view that doesn’t comport with the “values” they have adopted (or had beaten into them), they freak and take off crying.  How crazy is that?!?  What happens when they actually have to deal with the real world?  Anyway, this same tender snowflake, in the course of our (again, otherwise friendly) debate slipped in the word “homophobia.”  I didn’t have the heart to say, “microaggression!”  The fact that she threw that term out, spoke volumes.  That term is used by other speech nazis to stifle debate.  It’s like throwing out the dreaded “R” word; racism.  A “phobia,” by definition, is an “unreasonable fear of” something…in this case homosexuals.  I have yet to meet someone who has an “unreasonable fear of” homosexuals.  But, the extreme, militant gay lobby has cleverly infused that word into our modern day lexicon to stifle debate on the issue of so-call gay marriage and other issues important to the gay community…because nobody wants to be called a homophobe.  Anyway, kudos to Tim Allen for using his new show to poke fun of this silly politically correct word.  To see a video, click on the text above.

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