Where did the names for your favorite foods come from?

eWhen you walk into a Burger King, you don’t order a “hamburger”—you order a Whopper. The name was designed to “convey the imagery of bigness,” which, yes, it does. In the years since, it’s become not just one of many burger options but a brand icon. Most menu items never reach those heights (sorry, Italian Chicken Sandwich). The ones that do become household names. In a divided America, the knowledge of the Whopper is one thing that unites us all. But a good name is hard to find. The greats are distinctive, but also descriptive; quirky, but not confusing. And the stakes are high: The right name can be the difference between a middling success and a legend. To find out how the magic happens, we talked to four major restaurant chains about how they dreamed up some of their most beloved item names. Just click here to see what we found.


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