Donald Trump Supports Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline

President-elect Donald Trump supports the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which has come under scrutiny recently as thousands of activists have protested against it. “That’s something we support construction of and we’ll review the full situation when we’re in the White House, which will be the appropriate determination of that time,” Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller tells reporters. Thousands have protested the pipeline for months, arguing that it could damage land and contaminate Native American tribes’ water supply. The Dakota Access Pipeline would be 1,172 miles long. On Sunday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rejected the application, ordering that the pipeline cannot run through Lake Oahe. Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics Partners responded late Sunday, calling the federal government’s decision a “political action.” According to Reuters, they plan to complete the project without rerouting it.

Soo..  Before all of these idiot protesters start celebrating (I know..too late), someone oughtta let them know that team Trump plans to complete this thing, as well they should.  It’s over 92% completed, and is just one of the many things we need to do for energy self-reliance.  And, hey, if that upsets a few hippies, oh well..  The pipeline needs to be completed, and we need to be encouraging domestic energy production on a variety of levels (i.e., clean coal, drilling for oil, fracking, nuke, etc.).

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