Florida Homeowner Opens Fire, Killing Home Invasion Suspect During 911 Call

On Monday, a Sunrise, Florida, homeowner used a shotgun to open fire on three home invasion suspects, killing one and causing the remaining two to flee the scene. According to ABC News, homeowner Warren Darlow called 911 to report that three males had pulled into his driveway and were walking toward his home. He did not know them and worried that their intention was to rob the residence. Darlow talked to the police dispatcher, saying, “I got three black males at my house. Two jumped out. They’re getting ready to jump the fence.” He continued talking to the dispatcher until the three suspects allegedly shattered a glass door on the back the home, at which point, Darlow whispered, “Help. They’re in my house right now.” The next sound on the dispatch audio is of Darlow firing three blasts from a shotgun: Darlow missed all three suspects with the first shot, but he struck 21-year-old Albert Jones with the second. He said he saw Jones “reach toward something,” so he fired again. When the 911 dispatcher asked Darlow to clarify what was happening, he said, “I killed one, I think.” The other two suspects, 23-year-old Jose Coleman and 26-year-old Curtis Jefferies, fled the scene but were later apprehended by police.

As a follow up to this story..  No charges were filed against the homeowner.  The two thugs who got away were later arrested by police and THEY will be charged with murder per Florida state law.  How great is that?!?  Talk about karma!!    Another example of why it is SO important to arm yourself.   These worthless pieces of garbage would have killed this homeowner who was simply home paying video games when he saw them pull into his driveway.   But, he did the right thing by dialing 911 and then exercising his Second Amendment rights by standing his ground in his home.  Outstanding!

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