Month: December 2016

49ers Give Kaepernick Prestigious Award for ‘Inspirational, Courageous Play’

The San Francisco 49ers have bestowed upon Colin Kaepernick the highly prestigious Len Eshmont Award. The award, which the team presents to the 49er who “best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of Len Eshmont, an original member of the 1946 49ers team,” is given annually and voted on by the players. Kaepernick’s season-long protest against alleged racial inequality in America apparently “inspired” teammates to name him for the award. 49ers center Dan Kilgore, though initially skeptical of the reasons behind the protests, spoke about how Kaepernick won him over after a team meeting in August. Kilgore told ESPN, “After Kap stated his case today, and seeing where he is coming from, I do stand with Kap when he says ‘enough is enough’ against crime and the violence and discrimination and racism. I believe that enough is enough. But I could see why people would think it’s bad with the national anthem and the military.” 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith discussed some of the criticism Kaepernick has received. Smith said, “Colin has handled that situation better than anyone could have imagined. It hasn’t been a distraction in our locker room, and it probably helped him open up to a lot of our team and our teammates better. He’s been very open in communication about that as well as football.” Ironically, the award is given to the player exhibiting the most “inspirational and courageous play,” and to date, Kaepernick’s play has inspired exactly one win in ten starts, and even that one win came by one point against arguably the most dysfunctional franchise in the entire NFL. Kaepernick obviously received this award due to his “inspirational and courageous activism,” not play. Yet, even then, what’s the scoreboard on that? Colin Kaepernick’s protests this year played a leading role in the NFL’s ratings demise, which hurts the league financially. Specifically it will hurt the hundreds of players in the league who make significantly less than Colin Kaepernick. So the protests haven’t helped the players. What about the “oppressed?”

What about the poor, “oppressed” NFL players, indeed..  Can I PLEASE be that “oppressed” making millions, living in mansions, and so on?  Kaepernick is such a nauseating, self-righteous, and hypocritical tool.  He makes me want to vomit.  And, the overwhelming majority of Americans see right through it.  That’s why NFL ratings are WAY down this year.  And yet the other 49er players fall for Colin’s bs…and dishonor Len’s memory in the process….showing the disconnect between the NFL and regular Americans.

LA police official gets restraining order against Black Lives Matter activist over ‘threats’

A prominent Black Lives Matter activist in Los Angeles has been hit with a temporary restraining order requiring him to stay away from the head of the police commission. L.A. Police Commission President Matthew Johnson told a judge he was seeking the order against Trevor Gerard out of fear for his own and his children’s lives. Johnson said in court papers that he had been stalked and threatened by the Black Lives Matter leader. He charged that at various board meetings Gerard had mouthed threats, including “I am going to beat your a–” and “I am going to f—— kill you.” The official said that in recent weeks Gerard went looking for him at his private law office and family home. Johnson said police detained Gerard in front of his house. “The conduct and threats by [Gerard] put me in fear of harm to myself, my family and my co-workers when [he] is near,” Johnson says in a court declaration accompanying the restraining order request. The temporary restraining order signed by a judge does not allow Gerard to get within 100 yards of Johnson, his wife and children, and his law partner, except at police commission meetings. There the restriction is five yards. Gerard could be arrested if he ignores the restrictions. A lawyer for the City of Los Angeles applied for the restraining order on Dec. 19, the day after Gerard paid the unwelcome visit to Johnson’s home. The police commission is the LAPD’s civilian oversight board. LA Weekly reported Thursday that Gerard went to the home as part of a group of demonstrators with signs. Gerard told the paper Johnson was distorting the truth in retaliation for Black Lives Matter LA’s confrontational style of activism. “I never told him that he should be afraid of me,” Gerald told the weekly. “I never told him to meet me outside. I never threatened him with any kind of physical violence.” LA Weekly reports that Johnson advocates sharing more information with the public about police shootings. The paper reports that Gerard regularly attends meetings of the police commission, where he has derisively addressed Johnson, who is also black, with the epithet “houseboy.” The judge set Jan. 10 for a hearing on the restraining order.

As we’ve been saying all along..  Black Lives Matter is nothing but a bunch of domestic terrorist thugs and losers.  Just think..  This Gerard piece of garbage has been harassing a BLACK police commissioner (along with this family) his home and place of employment.  Fathom what he does to white police officials..  This temp restraining order really isn’t much of anything.  But, in the big scheme of things, it’s significant..because even in a liberal state like California, BLM is getting a little pushback from the courts; pushback that is way overdue.

Opinion/Analysis: Making Guns Great Again

A friend of mine treated himself to a new revolver for Hannukah, a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum. He and I took it to the range a few days ago to break it in. For the uninitiated, the S&W .44 Magnum is the gun Dirty Harry describes as the “the most powerful handgun in the world; would blow your head clean off.” It’s unbelievable fun to shoot, and, as you might guess, very, very loud. We were shooting at an indoor range, in Connecticut, and the noise led to a discussion of pistol silencers. My friend mentioned that in a couple of European countries where silencers are legal, it’s considered rude not to use one when you’re firing around other people. This makes sense; I’ve shot a few silenced guns over the years, and — aurally speaking — they are much, much more pleasant than their un-silenced counterparts. Thanks to movies — and the name “silencers” — people tend to think that silencers make guns silent. They don’t. What they do is turn something so loud that it damages your ears into something so loud that it merely hurts them. When you shoot a silenced gun, unless it’s a very low-caliber gun or its silencer is unusually large and effective, it’s still prudent to wear hearing protection. As it turns out, in Connecticut, it’s sort-of impossible to get a pistol silencer. In 1994, congress passed the Assault Weapons Ban. It was an asinine, ineffectual law that banned certain aesthetic features of guns, such as pistol grips, and certain features of convenience, such as adjustable stocks. It had no impact on the lethality of guns; a gun with a pistol grip can’t kill you any deader than a gun without one, or than a car. All the Assault Weapons Ban did was cause a nuisance. After Congress allowed the law to expire in 2004, Connecticut kept a version of it on its own books, as did many liberal states. Among the things that it makes illegal — it’s been expanded over the years — are threaded barrels, which you need in order attach a silencer to a gun. So while silencers are technically legal, you can’t buy a gun to which a silencer can be attached, unless it is a “pre-ban” gun and hasn’t left Connecticut, in which case it’s grandfathered in: A pistol with a threaded barrel that was legal in Connecticut before the ban is still legal today. Such guns are highly sought after, and now come with an enormous premium. Calls to a few gun shops and a look at the classifieds turned up only a handful for sale in the whole state, each selling for a 300 or 400 percent markup over the same pistol, post-ban. A new Glock 17, for instance, retails for four or five hundred dollars; a threaded barrel costs another hundred or so. One pre-ban threaded Glock 17 for sale in Connecticut costs $1,600. As of this writing, it appears to be the only one for sale in the state. An un-silenced Glock 17 will register at just over 160 decibels. According to Purdue University, a jet take-off at 25 yards registers at 150 decibels and will rupture your eardrums. This is why people generally wear hearing protection while they shoot guns. You know when people don’t wear hearing protection while they shoot guns? When someone breaks into their homes and they use their guns in self defense. A silencer will bring a Glock 17 down to about 130 decibels, which is slightly louder than a pneumatic riveter but still 10 decibels short of the threshold for permanent hearing damage. If you have a lot of disposable income in Connecticut, you can exercise your right to self-defense and keep your hearing. If you don’t — if you are, for instance, poor and living in a high-crime neighborhood, Connecticut wants you to choose your ears or your life. How does this not infringe on one’s right to keep and bear arms? It’s disgraceful. Fortunately, there’s someone on the case: Donald Trump Jr. In late September, Trump Jr. gave an interview to an American silencer company called SilencerCo, in which he — like my friend — pointed out that when he shoots in Europe, the guns he uses are almost invariably silenced. “It’s about safety,” he said. “If you had noise levels in any other industry as you [have] in shooting sports, OSHA would be all over the place; people would be going crazy.” Silencer regulations, he argued, are “arbitrary policies” enacted by “people who don’t know what they’re talking about.” Trump Jr. suggested that his father will support legislation to ban silencer bans, and everyone who likes being able to hear should be thankful if he does. The Trumps should also support a congressional overturning of all state laws which throw up arbitrary, nuisance restrictions on gun ownership: rules restricting barrel length, stock adjustability, firing rate, magazine capacity — all the stupid mandates of people who’ve never so much as fired a gun, and couldn’t make a rational argument that these restrictions save lives if their own lives depended on it. Then the Trumps should support a repeal of the asinine 1986 federal “Firearm Owners Protection Act” that invented a lot of these stupid ideas in the first place. Let’s #MakeGunsGreatAgain

Agreed!!  That outstanding op/ed was written by Josh Gelernter.    🙂

California Licenses 800K Illegal Aliens as Motor Voter Law Looms

Over the last two years, the Golden State has licensed over 800,000 illegal aliens to drive, and as the new motor voter law AB 1461 goes into effect in 2017, anti-Trump lawmakers are vowing to fight the Trump administration on attempts to enforce immigration law. AB 60 went into effect on January 1, 2015, inviting well over a million illegal aliens in California to apply for driver licenses with lawmaker promises that their non-citizen status would not be shared with immigration authorities. With the law about to hit the two-year mark, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced that 806,000 illegal aliens have been granted driver licenses, according to the Bay Area’s Mercury News. 14,000 of those licenses were issued in November of this year. In 2017, new motor voter law AB 1461 will go into effect, automatically registering most licensed California drivers to vote. As the Mercury News points out, concerns have been raised about the crossover of AB60 illegal alien licensees being illegally registered to vote as a result. Some lawmakers have claimed there are safeguards against such a case. In light of President-elect Donald Trump’s promises to secure the border and enforce immigration laws, illegal aliens and California legislators have already begun working on contingency plans. Former Assemblyman Luis Alejo, author of AB 60, offered reassurance to illegal aliens that he had spoken with Gov. Jerry Brown’s office, the DMV, and state legislative leaders who are all “committed to protecting all the information submitted to the DMV by AB60 applicants,” according to the Mercury News. Alejo pledged to fight against the Trump administration on illegal immigration and to do “everything possible” to maintain AB 60. AB60 licenses are said to require proof of identity, but the use of a Mexican Consular Card has been brought into serious question. A Mexican Federal Electoral Card, Mexican Institute National Electoral Card, Mexican Passport, or Mexican Consular Card are accepted as forms of ID to procure a California driver license. Several other types of foreign identification cards may be used as well.

Unbelievable!  Soo..  Thanks to the Democrat morons in Sacramento, Califormia, they have imposed a MILLION illegal aliens with driver’s licenses on the rest of America.  Holy crap!!  Do they have insurance?  What happens when one of these illegals (who, again, by definition are committing a crime by even being here!), hits you?  So many questions, that the Democrat-controlled legislature (and Gov. Jerry Brown) cannot possibly answer…and don’t care.  Their goal is to register as many illegals to vote DEMOCRAT as possible in California.  They don’t give a damn about our nation’s security, or the cost that we-the-actual-taxpayers (and citizens) will bear for this breathtakingly stupid decision of theirs.  Thank God for the electoral college..  Please consider this today’s mind-numbing example of why it is absolutely imperative we BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border with Mexico.  Then, those troops need to remain there ON the border (not back 40 miles or so, as has been the practice in the past), so that would-be crossers are prevented from stepping one foot on U.S. soil (after all, once they do, they’re “entitled” to all sorts of legal and financial benefits that America taxpayers pay for), until that wall/fence is finally built….however long it takes.  Simultaneously, with or without the help of states and municipalities (and if need be in spite of them), we need to be deporting illegals already here by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions (and yes, you read that correctly)…paying particular attention to known gang members, convicted criminal aliens, and those already determined by an immigration judge to be deported….regardless of age or gender.  And, that’s just for starters, folks.  To do anything less is not in our country’s national security, or economic interests.  Of course we support legislative efforts such as Bill O.’s so-called “Kate’s Law” and other initiatives on the legislative side.  That’s great!  But, securing our southern border and deporting illegals already here needs to be our nation’s #1 national security priority.  Period!  We’ve been experiencing a flood of illegals for far too long, and being $20 TRILLION in debt, we simply cannot afford to be the dumping ground for the world.  Here at The Daily Buzz we’ve been calling for these actions long before Donald Trump campaigned on a tough immigration posture.  We hope he sticks to those promises after Jan. 20th.

Missouri to loosen requirements for concealed carry, triggering debate

On New Year’s Day, Missouri will join several other states that have eliminated the requirement for a concealed carry license. Senate Bill 656 will go into effect, allowing people to carry concealed guns in public without a permit. There are exceptions, such as felons and domestic violence abusers. In Missouri, getting a concealed carry license requires people to pass a firearms training class and go to the sheriff’s department where they run a background check and then issue the license. Those requirements go away in just a few days. “I lost a tool. A very important tool to prevent that next act of violence,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker (D) said. Baker says when the bill goes into effect, she will be forced to drop charges on over 100 gun cases. Currently, those suspects are accused of carrying around a gun without a permit, but in a few days, it will be okay. “Those were opportunities for us to reach out before a violent act had occurred. Now the Missouri Legislature says I must wait,” Baker said. Kevin Jamieson, who is an outspoken proponent of the bill, says the bad guys will get guns no matter what the law says. He maintains that making it easier for people to carry concealed weapons actually allows people to better defend themselves, and saves lives instead of increasing crime. “There is no possible way you can point to anything in this bill and show me it is going to allow bad guy to have guns or carry guns,” Jamieson said. “This is an advantage to people who suddenly pick up a stalker or some dangerous situation, they can carry something for personal protection until they take the class.”

Exactly!!  What a great victory for gun rights in Missouri!!   Excellent!!    🙂

Analysis: Expect More Pain at the Pump in 2017

As gas prices are set to close out 2016 on a high note, drivers should prepare to pay even more at the pump next year, according to a national gasoline-price tracker. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline now tops $2.30 nationally, according to AAA. A month ago it was $2.13, with prices rising 30 of the last 33 days. New Year’s Day 2016 it was $2.00. An analyst at Gas Buddy told FBN’s Jeff Flock that gas prices would likely remain on the rise in the first few months of 2017. “[The analyst] thinks we’re going to see an increase of, by Spring, of another 20 to maybe 40 cents, which would be the highest we’ve been since the Spring of 2014—so the highest in three years,” Flock reported. But, the price surge might not stop there. Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister told the FOX Business Network he believes the price of gasoline could climb back to $3 a gallon. “If we get the $20-25 dollar a gallon price rise in crude oil [over the course of 2017], I think that’ll translate into roughly $3 dollars a gallon, which is still a reasonable rate for most consumers, given their history over the last decade or so,” he said. Hofmeister based his logic on two conditions. “One, OPEC sticks with its production cuts, which it really needs to do because they’re not paying for all of their government expenses with the current oil price even at $53,” Hofmeister explained. “And the second thing is that demand continues to rise, even if slowly.But if we don’t see more demand around the world that could slow down that price rise.” from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, U.S. drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year. Hofmeister says that mixed with usage in China, India and other parts of the developing world could contribute to the growing demand for the black gold. “What you see is a continuation of traditional demand plus additional new demand,” he said. “And it all depends on the state of the world economy and also the state of geopolitics… So I think the signs are for an upward movement in oil prices.”


Starnes: 2016 was the year of the deplorables

My father was a member of the Silent Majority and had he been alive he would’ve cast his vote for Donald J. Trump. He would’ve been one of those people Hillary Clinton called a “deplorable.” I’ve lived in New York City for more than a decade now – and I’ve seen firsthand the contempt for country folks like my father – people from rural America. As I write in my new book, “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again,”  I feel like a “Duck Dynasty” guy living in a “Modern Family” world – where right is wrong, wrong is right – it’s as if our values have been turned upside down. President Obama called us “bitter.” He said we were the kinds of people who cling to guns and religion. Time and time again he stood on foreign soil and apologized for our nation. And to this day it remains unclear whether he believes the United States is the most exceptional nation on Earth. And how can we forget what Miss Hillary said? “To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.” The only thing deplorable was Hillary Clinton’s basket of grossly generalistic comments. “And unfortunately, there are people like that and he has lifted them up,” she went on to say. “He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.” Her campaign portrayed conservative Catholicism as a “bastardization of the faith” and seemed to imply that Evangelicals are a bunch of impoverished country bumpkins. We were mocked by Hollywood and dismissed by academics. We were marginalized by the media – bullied and belittled by sex and gender revolutionaries. But all that changed on Election Day – when Donald Trump became a champion for the Silent Majority. He gave us a voice.  And now the Silent Majority is silent no more. We the People have decided that it’s time to drain the swamp. It’s time to restore traditional values. It’s time to protect the Constitution. It’s time to defend our sovereignty. It’s time to save unborn babies. It’s time to stand up for the American working man (and woman) and bring jobs back from China and Mexico. It’s time to eradicate the scourge of ObamaCare. And that, my friends, is the top story of 2016.

A lot of conservative meat and potatoes items there from author Todd Starnes.  But, Todd is exactly right in that 2016 was most definitely about the election of Trump…and those who voted for him (i.e. the “deplorables”), which were far more than just “angry white men,” as former Pres. Bill Clinton suggested.

No US carrier at sea leaves gap in Middle East

For the next week, not only will there be no U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in the Middle East, but there will be no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere else in the world, despite a host of worldwide threats facing the United States. The carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and her strike group returned to Norfolk, Va., Friday following a seven-month deployment. The Ike launched hundreds of airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria from both the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. Two destroyers in the Ike’s strike group also saw combat. The USS Nitze and USS Mason were attacked in the Red Sea when Iranian backed Houthi forces in Yemen launched cruise misisles, which were intercepted by the Mason. A retaliatory strike by the Nitze destroyed the radar installations in Yemen in October. The Eisenhower’s replacement carrier, the USS George H.W. Bush, was delayed by more than six months in the shipyards and will not be able to replace the Ike until early next year, according to Navy officials. While there is no U.S. aircraft carrier in the Middle East right now, there is a large deck U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship with thousands of Marines on board as well as helicopters and some jets to respond to a crisis, according to officials.

Holy crap!!  Yes, the Navy and other military services are employing contingency plans for this.  But, this is an unacceptable national security deficiency that needs to be fixed right away!  To read the rest of this shocking article, click on the text above.

Obama Family Travel Expenses Cost Taxpayers $96 Million Over 8 Years

Taxpayers footed the bill for $96 million in mostly personal travel expenses for President Obama and his family over the eight years Obama has occupied the White House, according to a new report from Judicial Watch announced Thursday. The president’s high-priced trips included the family’s annual vacation to Hawaii, which cost an estimated $3.5 million in flight expenses alone, a $222,000 ski trip to Aspen for Michelle Obama and her daughters, and $450,000 in flight expenses for the family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, the Washington Examiner reported. According to Judicial Watch, Secret Service expenses for the first family’s 2015 Hawaiian vacation totaled $1.2 million, bringing the total of that year’s vacation to $4.8 million. “The Obamas notorious abuse of presidential travel perks wasted military resources and stressed the Secret Service,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said in a statement. “Judicial Watch estimates that the final costs of Obama’s unnecessary vacation and political travel will well exceed $100 million.” The White House, however, has defended Obama’s trip to Hawaii as it being the place where he was born and spent most of his childhood. “Despite the security apparatus that accompanies any president when traveling, the administration works with the United States Secret Service to minimize the disruptions to local residents and businesses,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said to McClatchy DC. “Honolulu is a place where the president can enjoy some downtime with his family and friends and he’s grateful for the warm hospitality he enjoys when there.” Obama has taken 28 vacations spanning all or part of 217 days out of his time in office, according to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller. These numbers do not include this year’s Hawaii trip, which began Friday and is expected to end Jan. 2.

Hey Obama!  On behalf of the rest of America…  You’re welcome, you arrogant, elitist tool!  This is beyond outrageous..and shows his utter disdain for we-the-people.  We’re absolutely NOT against the President and First Family taking an occasional vacation.  That is completely understandable.  But, Obama has abused his office, and our hard-earned tax dollars as if he were a king.  He’s not!  He is a federal employee.  We pay his salary.  But, we are NOT obligated to pay for such extravagant personal excursions.

Obama Drops 502 Refugees on Nebraska in Final Weeks Before President Trump

President Barack Obama’s deputies have dropped 502 additional refugees into Nebraska during the first three months of FY 2017, according to the Department of State. The refugee resettlement rate for FY 2017 to date is significantly higher in Nebraska than it has been during any other year in the more three decades the state has participated in the federal refugee resettlement program. The highest previous annual resettlement of refugees in the state since FY 2003 occurred in FY 2016, when 1,441 refugees were resettled. The highest previous annual resettlement of refugees in the state since FY 2003 occurred in FY 2016, when 1,441 refugees were resettled. President-elect Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail that he will pause the resettlement of refugees from Syria and other countries that are hostile to the United States, so the current inflow will likely drop after his inauguration as the 45th president on Jan. 20. On a per capita basis, Nebraska has resettled more refugees than any other state in the country during the first three months of FY 2017. With an estimated population of 1.9 million as of July 1, 2016, 26.3 refugees have been resettled in the state for every 100,000 residents during the period beginning October 1, 2016 and ending December 29, 2016. (With two days left in the third month of FY 2017, the final numbers are likely to be slightly higher). Nebraska, a red state, voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election by a 60 percent to 34 percent margin. Four more red states round out the top five recipients of resettled refugees on a per capita basis during the first three months of FY 2017. In North Dakota, where Donald Trump won by a 64 percent to 28 percent margin, the federal government resettled 21.6 refugees per 100,000 residents.

Beginning to see a pattern here?  To read the rest, click on the text above.