Black Lives Matter Praises, Mourns Death of Cuba’s Murderous Fidel Castro

Upon the passing of one of the world’s most murderous dictators, some in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement praised Fidel Castro and proclaimed an “overwhelming sense of loss” upon his death. In a message posted on the BLM page on, an unsigned editorial lamented having to “awaken to a world without Fidel Castro” and wails about coming to Castro’s “defense” against “the rhetoric of the right.” Worse, the BLM message insists that we can “learn” about “freedom and the peace” from Fidel’s brutal regime. Praising Fidel’s “revolution” that kept his nation’s economy in poverty for decades, the BLM message goes on to claim that humans deserve a series of rights: ” Revolution is rooted in the recognition that there are certain fundamentals to which every being has a right, just by virtue of one’s birth: healthy food, clean water, decent housing, safe communities, quality healthcare, mental health services, free and quality education, community spaces, art, democratic engagement, regular vacations, sports, and places for spiritual expression are not questions of resources, but questions of political will and they are requirements of any humane society.” Many of these “rights,” though, are things that Castro denied his own people for nearly fifty years. BLM goes on to praise Castro for shielding cop killers Assata Shakur and Charles Hill from American justice and thanked him for giving sanctuary to a list of anti-American activists and criminals throughout the decades, preventing them from facing criminal charges in the U.S.

BLM is such a nauseating, anti-America, anti-capitalism, pro-communism bunch of black racist thugs and domestic terrorists..  Unreal..

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