These are the best and worst airports in the US

Phoenix, Ariz. has beautiful weather, lots of sun– and the best airport in the U.S. According to a new study of the country’s best and worst airports conducted by, Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International airport received top marks in several categories including having the shortest driving time from the city center and cheap parking. New York’s LaGuardia airport was the worst airport in the country according to the review. The study analyzed several data points including an examination of the 30 busiest U.S. airports and information from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, J.D. Power, Google Maps, and the airports’ official websites. The review placed an emphasis on how effective airports are in getting passengers to their destination on time. They also reviewed how easy it is to reach the airport by car or public transportation. Finally, they reviewed amenities like restaurants and Wi-Fi access, as well as fees for parking. Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International airport consistently ranked well in several categories. It was ranked third for the most bars and restaurants per capita and fifth for the fewest flight cancellations. Travel to the northeast however, is a different story. In addition to LaGuardia (which had the most flight delays and cancellations during the period studied and the most expensive parking among the 30 airports surveyed) other New York City airports didn’t fare much better. John F. Kennedy International airport has the longest average security wait time and the longest driving time from the city center while Newark had the second-most flight delays and cancellations and the third-longest average security wait time.

To see the top 5, and worst 5, according to this web site and the criteria mentioned, click on the text above..

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