Hillary Clinton Ad’s Final Argument: It’s Not About Me

In a new campaign ad, Hillary Clinton speaks directly to the camera as a soft piano soundtrack plays in the background. “It’s not just my name and my opponent’s name on the ballot, it’s about the kind of country we want for our children and our grandchildren,” she says. “Is America dark and divisive or hopeful and inclusive?” Clinton admits that the country has been through tough economic times, but says she would work to make life better for the American people. “We won’t always get it right but you can count on this,” she said. “I’ve never quit and I never will.”

And that’s what so terrifying about that self-righteous, sanctimonious, lying, liberal elitist.  How ironic that that nauseating blow-hard who has been calling her opposition sexist, racist, and of course “deplorables,” is now calling for “unity” 24 hrs out from election day..  Let’s hope enough voters send her packing once and for all.  Guess we’ll see…

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