Denver Police Release ID Of Suspect They Say Threw Rock Into Trump Field Office

Police have released the identity of a suspect accused of throwing a rock through the window of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s field office in Denver on Friday night. According to police, Michael Ferrara, 33, is currently in custody in connection with the crime. Police rushed to 18th and Clarkson just before 9 p.m. Friday where they found a rock thrown through the Trump campaign field office. The campaign office serves as the headquarters for Trump’s Denver team. A security officer with Trump’s campaign detained Ferrara until police arrived. About two dozen Trump volunteers and staff were inside making calls at the time. No one was hurt. This is the second time the campaign office has been vandalized. There was paint on the front windows of the building and offensive words about the Republican presidential candidate were painted on the side..

Glad they caught the loser who did this.  Denver PD is still looking for the people who did the graffiti..  Hopefully they’ll get them as well.  Be careful out there today and tomorrow.  There are some lunatics out there..

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