Detroit Police Sergeant Under Investigation After Comparing Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance To KKK

A Detroit police sergeant who allegedly criticized Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show by posting a reference to the Ku Klux Klan is being investigated. The sergeant, who was unnamed but is reportedly a 17-year veteran of the department, apparently didn’t like the halftime performance — particularly Beyonce’s dancers, who were sporting afros, berets and dressed in an all-black style similar to the Black Panther party. At one point in the performance, the dancers raised their fists to the sky and made a formation on the field in the shape of an X that, according to the sergeant, was attributed to black activist Malcolm X. The sergeant was so displeased with the performance that he took his option to his personal Facebook page, saying next year’s halftime show should include the KKK. The post included a photo of Beyonce’s dancers above a group wearing white Ku Klux Klan robes, according to a report by WJBK. It included the text: “So if the dance troupe at the top is ok for this years’ halftime show, then the one at the bottom should be ok for next years’, right?” His post drew complaints from many of his co-workers, who reported it to Police Chief James Craig. Craig said the sergeant’s views are not representative of the department or any other officer. The sergeant has since removed his post and replaced it with a message offering an apology. The sergeant remains on the job although the incident is under investigation.

I fail to see what’s so controversial here..  The good officer is exactly right asking such a question.  Beyonce and her obnoxious dancers clearly were promoting and celebrating black racial violence and the Black Panther Party; a terrorist organization by ANY standard.  And, c’mon..  Let’s be honest.  The comparison between the Black Panther Party (or it’s most recent version, the “New Black Panther Party,” as it’s called today) and the Klan is more than fair.  But, in the era of extreme political correctness, and “white guilt,” you can’t even ask questions rhetorically like that.  The hypocrisy and double standard is truly breathtaking.  So, a cop with 17 years on the force is in big trouble (might even get fired) for having the nerve to ask a perfectly reasonable question like that on his own personal FaceBook site, for crying out loud!  The pc police and speech nazis have pressured us into what we can say, and can’t say, even in our own private lives and on our own personal social media.  Worrying about who we offend is now the highest priority in these times.  And those who bow to such pressure, like this Detroit PD Chief, are just encouraging this speech censorship.  What the Detroit Chief should do, instead, is say, “what someone says on their own private social media sites does not necessarily reflect the Detroit PD.”  And, leave it at that.  For them to “investigate” this officer is beyond outrageous…and sends the wrong message.  Shame on Chief Craig, and the Detroit PD.

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