Month: November 2015

US Embassy in Afghanistan warns of Kabul attack within 48 hours

The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan issued an emergency message for U.S. citizens in the country’s capital Monday, saying it had received “credible reports of an imminent attack” within the next 48 hours. The statement said that there were no details available regarding the attack’s time, target or method. However, it urged Americans in Kabul to “exercise extreme caution if moving around the city.” Earlier this month, the State Department issued an updated travel warning for Afghanistan in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris. That warning advised Americans not to travel to Afghanistan, citing the “extremely unstable” security situation. Taliban militants have stepped up attacks on Afghan government facilities in recent months. On Saturday, a suicide bomber targeted a member of the country’s election commission in Kabul, killing the official’s bodyguard and wounding his driver. In September, Taliban fighters briefly overran Afghan forces to take control of the northern city of Kunduz. Bombings, especially roadside bombs, have also been a major threat to both Afghan security forces and civilians across the country.

Having personally spent some time in Kabul, and the U.S. embassy in Kabul, this is of particular interest to me.  We’ll, of course, keep an eye on this story as it develops..

Illegal immigrants sue Oregon over ballot measure denying licenses

A group of illegal immigrants is suing the state of Oregon to overturn a voter-approved initiative that denied them driver’s licenses. The lawsuit, brought by five illegal immigrants, comes after Oregonians passed Measure 88 last year with a strong two-thirds majority. Thirty-five of Oregon’s 36 counties voted against licenses for undocumented residents, as did every congressional district in the state, most of which are represented by Democrats. But the lawsuit alleges Measure 88 is unconstitutional because it “arbitrarily” denies driving privileges based on membership in a “disfavored minority group.” It alleges Oregon voters were motivated by “animus toward persons from Mexico and Central America.” Gustavo Recarde, who has worked construction and odd jobs in Portland and several states since sneaking into the United States in 1988, said a driver’s license would help him feel more comfortable here and open doors. “If an illegal [can] get a driver’s license, it would be better because there’s more opportunities to find a job as a driver,” said Recarde, who is not part of the lawsuit. He said he believes race played a role in the vote. But Cynthia Kendoll, president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, said it’s not the responsibility of Oregonians to make illegal immigrants comfortable or able to drive to jobs they don’t legally have. “They came here by choice, they weren’t brought here against their will, and with those choices come hardships,” she said. Measure 88 was a public vote and a reaction to a law passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2013 and signed by then-Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, that would have given “driver’s cards” to those who cannot prove they are in the U.S. legally. The campaign to deny licenses won big despite being outspent 10-to-one. “People were not swayed by their arguments that they deserve to have a driver’s card so they could more easily get to their jobs,” Kendoll said. “They’re not supposed to be working here.” Kendoll said Oregonians were motivated by national security and drug-smuggling by Mexican cartels, not race. Those without papers have not gone through immigration checks, she said, and licenses make it easier to transport narcotics up and down the West Coast.

So, it has nothing to do with race/ethincity.  It’s about the rule of law, and the good people of Oregon (a VERY blue/Democrat state, no less) understand that.  So, kudos to them for passing Measure 88.  Let’s hope this lawsuit fails miserably.

No Christians: All 132 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since Paris Attacks Are Sunni Muslims

Since the Paris terror attacks on November 13, the State Department has admitted 132 Syrian refugees into the United States, and all 132 are Sunni Muslims. No Christian, Druze, Shi’ite, Alawite, or member of any other religious minority in Syria has been admitted over that period, according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center. The majority of the 132 Syrian refugees permitted to resettle in the U.S. since November 13 (72) are male, the minority female (60). Of the 132 total, 39 (29.5 percent) have been men between the ages of 14 and 50. Another 53 (40 percent) are children aged under 14, of whom 30 are males and 23 females. The Paris terror attacks, which killed 130 people and were claimed by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL), brought fresh scrutiny onto the issue of refugees from the Syrian conflict, amid concerns the terrorist group was seeking to infiltrate Western countries through refugee settlement programs. The Refugee Processing Center admission figures since the attacks in Paris continue a trend evident since the start of the current fiscal year, on October 1. President Obama plans to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. during fiscal year 2016. Since FY2016 began two months ago, 423 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the U.S., of whom 418 (98.8 percent) were Sunni Muslims. The remaining five (1.2 percent) were Christians – three Catholic, one Orthodox and one simply described as “Christian.” One hundred and eleven of them (26 percent) are men aged between 14 and 50.

And this is being suppressed by the dominantly liberal mainstream media because it undermines their agenda, and Obama’s.  To read the rest of this shocking report, click on the text above..

5 heart-healthy work snacks

Although deaths from heart disease have dropped in recent years, it’s still the leading cause of death of Americans, for both men and woman. The good news is that we now know more than ever about how to prevent cardiovascular disease, which includes both strokes and heart attacks. One thing that’s clear: your diet and lifestyle (such as exercising more) can make a huge difference in the quality of your ticker. When it comes to diet, making heart-healthy snack choices is more important than ever. While the average American eats roughly the same amount of food during meals as they did in the 1970s, the number of calories from between-meal noshing has increased to 580 calories per day, or about one-quarter of our total calorie intake. When you’re at work, be sure to have these heart-healthy foods on hand to keep your ticker strong for decades to come.

To see these “5 heart-healthy foods,” click on the text above.  Cheers!  🙂

Threatened with lawsuit, Wisconsin district cancels reading of book about transgender girl

A southern Wisconsin school district has cancelled plans for elementary school students to read a children’s book about a transgender girl after a group threatened to sue. The Capital Times reports ( ) that the Mount Horeb Area School District released a statement saying it won’t proceed with its planned reading of “I Am Jazz.” Parents were told last week that Mount Horeb Primary Center students would read the book because one student identifies as a girl but was born with male anatomy. A Florida-based group, the Liberty Counsel, threatened to sue, saying concerned parents had reached out and that reading the book would violate parental rights.

Yeah!  No kidding!  Because one little elementary kid “identifies” with another gender is NO reason for a school to change it’s curriculum to pander to this disturbed kid.  And, it’s grossly unfair to the rest of the kids, and their parents, to impose this nonsense on them.  So, smart move by this school district, and kudos to the Liberty Counsel for helping these parents stand up to the fascist administrators in this school district.

Gulf Cartel Unleashed Thanksgiving Terror near Texas Border

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — An effort to capture key figures within the Gulf Cartel has resulted in the criminal organization lashing out on Thanksgiving Day and setting off a series of fierce gun battles along the Texas border. This brought panic and terror to the residents of the rural communities along the border. The fierce fighting killed two Mexican police officers, injured a third, as well as an innocent bystander. Several others were injured in vehicle crashes and in a passenger bus that rolled over while trying to avoid the shootout. On Thanksgiving Day, violence took hold of the border city of Rio Bravo as the Gulf Cartel unleashed terror. Convoys of cartel gunmen took to the streets clashing with authorities. The violence took place not only in Rio Bravo, which is south of Donna, Texas, but also in Nuevo Progreso and along the highway that connects those Mexican cities with Matamoros. In one of the clashes in the downtown area of Rio Bravo, Mexican authorities killed two gunmen but police officer Ramon Zuniga was killed during the battle and a female officer was also injured

And yet I still hear politicians on BOTH sides of the political aisle, and liberal media outlets mock the idea of a wall on our southern border.

Florida ‘Muslim-free’ gun shop owner wins discrimination suit

A federal discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim activist group against a Florida gun retailer owner who declared his shop a “Muslim-Free Zone” has been dismissed. U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ruled that Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan’s sign was protected by the First Amendment, and the activists couldn’t prove they were injured by the action, a local NBC affiliate reported. The plaintiff, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Florida, has 30 days to appeal the decision. Mr. Hallinan made headlines earlier this year when he declared his Inverness store a “Muslim-free zone” in the wake of the shooting of four servicemen outside a recruiting office in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by an Islamic extremist. CAIR announced the lawsuit against the gun store in July, saying the Muslim-free zone amounted to religious discrimination, violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The suit had demanded an injunction against Florida Gun Supply to prohibit it from discriminating against Muslims and others on the basis of religion. “American Muslims have a right to browse and purchase guns, take classes on gun safety and shoot guns at a range without having to be profiled and discriminated,” Hassan Shibly, chief executive director of CAIR Florida, said at the time the suit was filed, NBC reported. “Such discrimination is not only illegal, it is bad for our country and makes us less safe and less free,” Mr. Shibly said. The organization said the policy is a violation of federal law. Shortly after the court’s decision to drop the case, Mr. Hallinan posted a video to Facebook celebrating the victory and said he will give out bumper stickers for customers to turn their vehicles into Muslim-free zones. He is also selling “jihadist targets” for shooting practice.

While this guy is a bit of a redneck, and is being a bit obnoxious.. he has a point.  AND, he has every right to do this.  Freedom of association is a constitutional right.  So, this judge’s ruling is exactly right.  CAIR can go play with itself, preferably in the middle of a busy highway.  What a bunch of self-righteous, anti-America, pro-Islamic terrorist apologists.

Planned Parenthood blames ‘hateful speech’ for clinic shooting; GOP leaders cite left-wing agenda

Planned Parenthood officials on Sunday seemingly blamed the “hateful speech” of conservative lawmakers and GOP presidential contenders for contributing to Friday’s deadly shooting at a Colorado clinic, but Republicans said the left is trying to use the tragedy for political gain. Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs left three people dead, including a police officer. The presumed gunman, 57-year-old Robert Dear, reportedly made comments about “baby parts” after he was arrested, an apparent reference to the recent controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood and the alleged sale of fetal organs. Planned Parenthood officials charge that some conservative figures have created a climate in which extremists such as Mr. Dear feel that it’s acceptable to target pro-choice organizations. “We’ve experienced so much hateful language, hateful speech,” Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I think politicians have been in that conversation, and, I mean, you know that the airwaves are full of anti-abortion language, of anti-Planned Parenthood accusations, much of which is false in nature. “And we at Planned Parenthood are first and foremost a health care provider. We provide life-saving services to all kinds of folks, men and women, across our communities. And the tirades against Planned Parenthood in the last few months have really been over the top.” Republicans accused liberals of trying to use the tragedy to demonize anyone who opposes abortion, public funding for Planned Parenthood or the sale of baby parts. “Anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or anyone who opposes the sale of body parts is this is typical left-wing tactics,” 2016 GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Agreed, Carly!!  And it’s beyond out of control the self-serving rhetoric coming out of liberal Dems.. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) even suggested that this horrible tragedy was, in part, to be blamed on not only Republican politicians, but talk radio and even bloggers like yours truly here at The Daily Buzz..  How crazy is that?!?!  But, it’s the typical crap we have come to expect from these self-righteous, liberal Dems.



VIDEO: Black Students In Canada Barricade Vice President, Accuse College Of ‘Anti-Black Racism

A mob of black students at one of Canada’s liberal arts colleges has been caught on camera intimidating white administrators, including an Associate Vice-President, yelling, “You will give us the respect that we ask of you,” and presenting a list of segregationist demands. Brenda Whiteside, Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs at the University of Guelph, was trapped in her office by a gang of protesters who whooped and clicked their fingers as two of their number accused the college of being “rooted in anti-black racism.” The footage, which appeared briefly on before being taken down, has not previously been published. It shows a large group of black students surrounding two white college administrators while their leaders jab their fingers and shout at Whiteside, demanding more black support and academic staff. The University of Guelph’s Assistant Vice President for Human Rights and Equity, Jane Ngobia, is a black woman. The Guelph video shows how odd the language of campus protest has become. “How many racialised [sic] students do we have?” asks one protester. “White students can go in and talk to a white counsellor. What about us?” The first adds: “Are you even around racialised people?” Also disturbing are the plainly segregationist demands the students make. They appear to tell administrators they cannot be represented or “validated” by white staff and that only black staff can cater to their needs. “We’re not being acknowledged. And that’s fundamentally problematic,” says a boy who identifies himself as a campus athlete. The athlete says he has, “Never left my campus and not thought [racial abuse] is gonna happen. And for me to just implicitly feel that’s comfortable is problematic.” The word “problematic” is echoed around the protesting students as a sort of mantra. Another student agrees that she is “scared to go out.” The University of Guelph is one of Canada’s most liberal educational institutions. One of the leaders of the protest is seen objecting to the presence of police officers on campus, alluding to the number of black deaths she says have occurred at the hands of the police. She says to Whiteside: “As I walked in here, and I saw that police officer, Brenda I was disappointed… Why does he feel like he needs to come here? Why does he feel like he is invited here?” Guelph’s black students do have a point about having their faces being used on posters by diversity-obsessed white college administrators. It’s easy to see why they might feel underappreciated once they arrive on campus and realise that the glorious multiculturalism of a university’s marketing materials doesn’t reflect the ethnic make-up of the school. But they appear to have absorbed the worst excesses of batty liberal academic thinking, making statements such as: “Respect does not mean respect against black people. Look at intersectionality.” This echoes much of the rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been called reverse racism..

If you think you can stomach it, and want to read the rest of the article and/or see the videos of these self-righteous, entitlement-minded, black racists, click on the text above.

5 Devastating Facts About Black-on-Black Crime

The mainstream American media is, again, happily hitting the Black Lives Matter crack pipe in its pernicious pursuit of high ratings. These blood-lusting junkies were nowhere to be found when, with haunting predictability, Chicago news headline after headline detailed the carnage that has consumed dozens of communities in that city where black men kill each other with terrifying regularity. Where were these Black Lives Matter protesters after the slaying of Chicago’s little Tyshawn Lee, the 9-year-old lured into an alley and shot to death by a black man seeking gang-related vengeance against his father? Did little Tyshawn’s murder at the hands of a black gangster–an all too common occurrence in Chicago–not warrant wall-to-wall news coverage or Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson-style calls for “justice”? No. Why? Because the ugly truth behind #BlackLivesMatter is that black people killing other black people does nothing to advance its political power in the same way that one white cop killing a black criminal can. Despite the media’s overindulgence on white cops killing blacks, there is still a far-larger amount of black bodies being sent to morgues by black killers. Here’s five devastating facts, liberals can’t deny, that prove it.

To see those five devastating facts, click on the text above…