Confederate flag on Ga. kid’s backpack leads to school lockdown

A Confederate battle flag attached to a high school sophomore’s backpack reportedly led to a school lockdown in Polk County, Georgia. Officials at Rockmart High School say the flag caused a disruption when the 10th-grader, who is white, was confronted Wednesday morning by two black students prior to school starting, a local Fox News affiliate reported. “They wanted to confront him about what he had on his backpack. What did they say? ‘Hey man, why you doing that,’” Principal Wesley Cupp told the station. Mr. Cupp said there was shoving and an exchange of words, but it was broken up by staff within minutes. He said no weapons were found. Still, the school was put through a lockdown drill with students kept in class after rumors surfaced of other students bringing Confederate battle flags to school, Fox reported. “We just did that as a precautionary situation to help maintain and control what could have been a bad situation,” Mr. Cupp said. He said all three students involved were suspended for the disruption. When they return to school they will be offered counseling and other services to help ease tensions, Fox reported. “When you become a distraction where students can’t learn because of a distraction then that needs to be removed,” Mr. Cupp said.

What a ridiculously silly, and politically correct, standard!! The kid that had the flag on his backpack didn’t do anything wrong. It was the two black students who “confronted” him, that caused the disruption. It is THEY who should have been suspended; NOT the kid who had the flag on his backpack. At MOST, they should have told him to put it away.. But, even that would be a bit much. After all, Georgia was one of the Confederate states, for crying out loud! That flag is even on some Georgia license plates!! And Polk County is over 80% white. Soo.. its not like this kid was in east LA, or southside Chicago, or Harlem. This whole pathological thing surrounding the “Stars and Bars” has gotten WAY out of hand. This idiot principal needs to apologize to the kid for suspending him, and direct the discipline where it belogs, to the kids who confronted him and tried to intimidate him for expressing his southern pride. Unreal…


  1. All involved were likely suspended due to zero tolerance policy. If the policy is followed correctly all involved should be suspended. It’s supposed to allow all involved time to cool off. Good to see this school also took precautions to protect students not involved. You never know if these boys picked on this kid often; or if this was a first interaction. That is how a lot of these school shootings happen. A kid or group of kids pick one kid as a target and sometimes these kids decide they’ve had enough and have access to a gun and shoot not just their antagonizers but kids that aren’t involved. Kids are assholes anymore.



    1. Thank you for your comments, Carrie! You’re probably right that all three were suspended because of a possible so-called “zero-tolerance” policy. But, that’s all speculative. We don’t know. And, we try to not speculate here about things we don’t know. Luckily, many schools across the country are rethinking such policies because one size does NOT fit all. Educators and administrators should have the discretion to impose punishments that fit the actual offenses. We’ll be posting an article about how some schools across this country are rethinking such failed policies. So, stay tuned! In this particular case, all we know is that the kid with the Confederate flag on his backpack was “confronted” by two black students…and then it escalated. So, if that’s all that the kid did was get “confronted,” then he did nothing wrong…even if he stood his ground. He didn’t need to “cool off.” And, being paranoid about some highly improbable, hypothetical, over-the-top escalation where someone might involve actual firearms is NOT a reason to put everyone in time out over something like this. Again, at MOST, the administrators should have told the kid with the flag to maybe “put it in your locker.” That’s it. Even that might be considered over-the-top. As for the two black kids who confronted him.. Yeah, they SHOULD have been suspended, and then given a history lesson about the “Stars and Bars” that doesn’t include a bunch of inaccurate, racial baiting, politically correct bs. Like I noted…It’s not like the kid went into Harlem, East LA, south side Chicago, or East St. Louis, IL…trying to start a fight. He’s in a county that is over 80% white, and in a state that was actually part of the Confederacy…where there are license plates with the Confederate flag on them still!! So, having that flag in THAT environment is a VERY common sight. Like I said at the beginning.. one size does NOT fit all. We need to consider context when assessing such situations. Thanks again for your comments!!

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