Virginia High School bans Confederate flag symbol from vehicles

The debate over displaying the Confederate flag has made its way into school parking lots. Three students were called to the principal’s office at a Christiansburg, Virginia high school earlier this month and told to remove Confederate symbols from their vehicles. All complied. Two of the students told the Roanoke Times they were threatened with a three-day suspension. Officials at the school said that wasn’t the case. “We cannot suspend students for violating parking guidelines,” Montgomery County schools spokeswoman Brenda Drake said. Christiansburg is the lone school of the county’s four public high schools to have a parking contract requiring that “vehicles must be free from displaying any flags or symbols that are deemed offensive to any race, religion, ethnic group, or sexual orientation.” The rule was added this year in order to bring the parking requirements in line with school dress code and locker guidelines, Drake said. Debbie Cox, the mother of one of one of the female students who was asked to remove the Confederate logo, admitted she didn’t thoroughly read the parking contract before signing it. “I honestly did not think it was a problem around here,” Cox said.

And there shouldn’t be, Debbie.  If some teenager, in a state that was part of the Confederacy at one point no less, wants to put a Confederate flag on their car, they should be able to.  This is a silly parking “contract” that hopefully will be revised to remove such politically correct, free speech suppressing, crap.  The pc police have struck once again.  And, we support those who would fight back again such nonsense.  Ya know..  There are many cars in Virginia that still legally have license plates with the Confederate flag on those license plates.  I wonder..  Would those cars with legal license plates be allowed to park in this high school parking lot?  Perhaps some enterprising parent will allow his/her kid to park the family car there to see what happens..and then use the opportunity to push the issue.  We’ll keep an eye on this to see how it develops..

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