Boy Scout leaders vote to end ban on adult homosexuals

A key Boy Scouts of America panel has approved lifting the ban on “open or avowed homosexuals” as BSA leaders and volunteers, and the final formal decision is expected before the end of the month. The BSA announced Monday on its website that its National Executive Committee had unanimously adopted a resolution that would let adults lead Boy Scout troops without regard “to sexual orientation” if the local chartering organizations wish. The BSA National Executive Board, a broader body than the executive committee, is widely expected to ratify the change at a July 27 meeting and have it take effect immediately. The revised policy will both end the ban while respecting “the right of religious chartered organizations to continue to choose adult leaders whose beliefs are consistent with their own,” the BSA said. BSA National President Robert Gates virtually spelled out the change in a speech in May, saying that “rapid changes in society” and “increasing legal challenges” made the BSA’s adult membership policy unsustainable.

Wow.. No wonder Trail Life USA and other similar alternative scouting organizations are seeing a surge in their membership. Parents all across America are taking their boys out of the BSA. I was a Boy Scout. Was even in the Order of the Arrow. How things change…

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