Blue Origin Successfully Tests New Shephard Rocket in West Texas – Could Blast Tourists Into Space Soon

The dawn of a new era of space travel may be upon us after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos successfully tested a vehicle that will take tourists into space. Mr Bezos’ firm, called the Blue Origin company, has long spoken of its desire to take paying astronauts into the cosmos. And now it has performed the first successful test of the vehicle they hope will make that dream a reality. The test took place from the company’s launch site in West Texas. Called New Shepard, the vehicle consists of a main booster rocket and a six-seater capsule on top, standing 60ft (18 metres) tall. For this, the first test flight of the entire architecture, it was unmanned – but the company hopes to soon start taking customers into space.

Click on the text above to see the video. Very cool!! 🙂

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