Illegal alien accused of raping a 10-year-old girl in Louisiana

A man living in Kenner has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape against a 10-year-old girl after the victim was seen in a video claiming they “made love,” police said. The mother of the girl found the cell phone video on Thursday, April 16, 2015. It was recorded by her daughter. On it, the victim alleged that she and her mother’s boyfriend had “made love” three times. After confronting her daughter, police said the 10-year-old victim told her mother it happened in their bedroom. 25-year-old Hermes Rivera admitted to police that he had sex with the victim three times between March and April 3, 2015. Rivera remains in custody. At the writing of this report, no bond had been set. Police said Rivera is an undocumented immigrant.

I’m thinking the death penalty isn’t sufficient for this disgusting maggot. Normally we don’t do the whole crime blotter thing here at The Daily Buzz. But, every once in a while we make an exception. Such is the case here. And, it’s today’s gut-wrenching example of why it is imperative that we BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!!….and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border (to prevent illegals from setting ONE foot on U.S. soil) where they should remain until that wall/fence is built above and below ground (to prevent tunneling)….however long that takes. Simultaneously, ICE and other federal law enforcement agencies need to be deporting illegal aliens by the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands….paying particular attention to known gang members, and already convicted “criminal aliens.” And, our federal government should be providing the resources, and support, to those agencies so that they can do their jobs; NOT threatening them, like Obama has done. Tool… As we’ve said from day one.. If this many illegals were swarming across our border from N. Korea, China, or Russia…we’d consider it an act of war. It’s WAY past time we considered this invasion of illegal aliens as such, and respond accordingly.

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