Former Sen. Coburn on what’s ‘disgusting’ about Washington

Now that Sen. Tom Coburn has retired from Congress, who will publicize government spending on things like Swedish massages for rabbits and “Sesame Street” remakes for Pakistan? Battling prostate cancer, the Oklahoma physician vacated his seat in December, two years before his second term was up. He leaves behind a legacy marked by government transparency efforts and is perhaps best known for his annual “Wastebook,” in which he listed federally funded projects he found to be frivolous. In several ways, Coburn bucked the norm in the increasingly polarized Congress. An obstetrician by profession, he earned the nickname “Dr. No” for opposing bills even championed by his fellow Republicans if he believed they would spend federal dollars ineffectively. But while Coburn’s fiercely conservative, he has one of the friendliest relationships with President Obama of any Republican. Coburn has since joined the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research to consult for its “Project FDA” — an effort to reform the Food and Drug Administration to help the agency approve drugs more quickly and regulate them more effectively.

Former Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) did some great work exposing the waste and fraud of our hard-earned tax dollars. We wish him all the best in his retirement, as he battles his cancer. Hopefully someone will pick up where he left off, and continue to inform we-the-people of some of the “disgusting” waste of federal tax dollars that goes on every day in Washington, D.C. by our Congress..

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