Missouri Gun Sales Soar amid Ferguson Unrest

Beginning with the unrest after the August 2014 shooting of Micheal Brown and that which followed the grand jury verdict in favor of Officer Darren Wilson, as well as the fervor maintained by national hucksters intent on keeping racial tensions aflame, gun sales in Missouri are through the roof. Brown was shot on August 9 ,and within days gun sales began a sharp rise. On August 13 Breitbart News reported that citizens in and around St. Louis were buying up the firearms they needed to protect their lives and property. Now The Washington Post reports sales in February 2015 were “10.6 percent” higher than sales in February 2014. Moreover, even though gun sales across the US were up in February 2015 compared to February 2014, sales in Missouri were 8.3 percent higher than the rest of the country. The Washington Post also looked at specific states where spikes in gun sales for Christmas were especially evident. These included Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, and Kentucky. None of them came close to spiking as sharply at Missouri did.

Gee..  Imagine that!  Of COURSE gun sales are “soaring” in Missouri!  You don’t need the Washington Post, or some other organ of the dominantly liberal mainstream media, to tell you what should be painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain.  People are afraid for their personal safety..  And, seeing cops being shot by thugs and punks only exacerbates that fear/trepidation.

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