French conservative leader Le Pen accepts Madonna offer for a chat

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Tuesday accepted an offer to sit down with Madonna over a drink and chat about their points of view. “I accept Madonna’s invitation with pleasure,” Le Pen told AFP. Madonna, who in the past has demonised Le Pen on stage by portraying her with a swastika on her head, made the unusual overture during a French television interview late Monday. “I would like to sit down and have a drink with her. I want to understand where she’s coming from,” she said on the network Canal+. The American singer, who superimposed the swastika on video of Le Pen’s face during a 2012 Paris concert, only last week called Le Pen’s National Front party “fascist”. In the interview she conceded: “Maybe I misunderstood Marine Le Pen. I’m not sure. I don’t want to start a war. I want peace in the world.”

As you’ll note, I’ve changed the title slightly from “far right” to conservative.  I did this because the AP and Yahoo news consider Obama “moderate.”  So, you have to consider the source.  Plus, France is an extremely socialist country.  So, if you put forth even mildly conservative policy alternatives, people like Madonna call them “fascist.”  And, again, consider the source.  Marine Le Pen has been drawing the ire of the leftist media because she has the audacity to suggest that maybe, just maybe, France should review its extremely liberal immigration policies in light of the recent Radical Islamic terrorist activities in that country.  Yeah.. imagine that!  Of COURSE France should do that!  We should as well..

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