Private South Carolina Christian college scrutinized for ‘biblical’ stance on homosexuality

A small, Christian college in South Carolina said on Friday it had not banned gay students or homosexuality from its campus under its controversial new “Statement on Human Sexuality,” which calls the practice sinful. Erskine College has received scrutiny for its board of trustees’ decision last week, characterized by some media outlets as a ban on homosexuality. It comes as many religious organizations seek to respond to the national debate over gay rights and same-sex marriage. The college, affiliated with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, held that sexual intimacy is only appropriate between a man and woman who are married.

So??  How on Earth is that controversial?!?  This is a PRIVATE CHRISTIAN college; NOT a public state university.  Oh, and after you delve into the story a couple paragraphs, you learn that nobody is discriminated there base on orientation.  The only reason we’re reporting this story, is to expose the source of this story; Reuters.  Reuters is like the Associated Press (AP); all part of the dominantly liberal mainstream media.  This type of story is only news to the liberal media….creating a story that fits their agenda.  In this case, the story they’re creating is that Erskine College is homophobic.  That’s the narrative they’re pushing here.  Its entirely ridiculous, and there is “no there, there.”  But, to Reuters this is apparently newsworthy.  Unreal..

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