Another Hollywood Star Comes Out; And He’s Loud and Proud About It

Another big name in Hollywood has come out of the closet, the political closet that is, the brave new world where actors can come clean about their honest political beliefs and risk being ridiculed, demonized and forever putting their careers in jeopardy by bigoted and intolerant leftists for having the audacity to go against the norms in Hollywood society as NOT being a politically-correct, America-hating communist. As the Washington Times reported, actor Charlie Sheen publicly came out of the political closet on The Flipside with Michael Loftus, joining the ranks of the courageous few in Hollywood like James Woods, Dean Cain and Clint Eastwood in the interview that took place on February 8.

Interesting..  Normally we don’t do the whole HollyWEIRD celeb thing here at The Daily Buzz because we’re already over-exposed to such irrelevant garbage.  But, every once in a while we see a story, like this, that catches our eye.  That, and maybe its just Friday the 13th..  Anyway, despite Charlie’s “coming out” about his Constitutional positions (which we can all definitely appreciate and respect), he DID note that he’d like his extremely liberal dad has his political side-kick if he were to ever get involved politically.  So, just putting that out there….for what it’s worth.

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