Shirley Manson Goes After ‘Small and Petty’ Kanye West for Grammy Rant

Female rocker Shirley Manson took to her Facebook page on Monday to go after rapper Kanye West for dismissing Beck as an artist, describing him as “small and petty,” among other things. Alternative rock artist Beck took home the Album of the Year award at Sunday night’s Grammys, but in accepting the accolade, Beck inadvertently drew the ire of Kanye West. In a rant after the show, Kanye blasted both the Grammys and Beck, who he said needed to “respect artistry” and “should’ve given his award to Beyoncé.”

We try and avoid the whole celeb thing here at The Daily Buzz. There are plenty of sources in the checkout lanes at your local grocery story for that sorta irrelevant nonsense. But, every once in a while a story catches our eye, and so..what the heck? The real story here is.. Why do the Grammy’s continue to allow an obnoxious tool like Kanye West to attend their annual ceremonies after what he did back in 2009? Remember the way he treated Taylor Swift back in 2009, when Taylor won her award, and Kayne went up, snagged it out of her hand and went on some strange rant that it should have been awarded to Beyoncé? As you may recall..Taylor, who at the time was like 19, handled it with class and grace. Kanye should have been dragged off stage by security, and thrown out the back door. Well, apparently the Grammys allowed that oxygen thief to return, and he did it again…This time the target was Beck. And, btw.. What is his, pathological, and bizarre infatuation with Beyoncé anyway? Does someone need to remind Kanye that she’s married? Or is it some racial thing? I’m thinking its probably a combination of both. What a loser.. Anyway, I’m no fan of Ms. Manson.. But, he response here is spot on. Frankly, I think she’s being WAY too nice.

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