Ukraine crisis: Do not try to scare Putin, warns Merkel

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, championed last chance efforts to end the Ukraine conflict while warning success was far from certain as Kiev said rebels were massing for a new offensive. As fresh fighting in eastern Ukraine saw five civilians and five government soldiers reported killed in 24 hours Merkel insisted that sending more weapons would not resolve the conflict. “I can’t conceive of a situation where better armaments for the Ukrainian army would so impress President Putin that he believes he will militarily lose,” Merkel told the Munich Security Conference.

Wow..  Typical ankle-grabbing European appeasement..  That is so NOT the point!  No wonder we had to bail the French out twice in the last century.  Apparently that attitude is not prevalent in Germany.  So, I’m curious..  What exactly is their suggestion?  That Kiev and every other eastern European country that gets invaded by Russia, just bend over, grab their ankles and do nothing?  Is that seriously what these two European leaders are suggesting?  New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free or Die.”  Exactly!!  And if that is the rallying cry in Kiev, we should support it….and not just because that’s what THEY want.  But, because it’s in our national security interest to help support Petro’s government in Kiev.  To that end, we SHOULD be sending “military advisors” (i.e. U.S. Army Special Forces) to train and equip the Ukrainian military, and providing them weapon systems, ammunition, etc. as well as relevant and timely military intelligence.  Finally, we should working with NATO to provide secured (with LOTS of strings attached) loans to help Ukraine develop its infrastructure (i.e. roads, border control, police, etc.).  Angela Merkel is right about one thing.  Kiev would lose a war with Moscow.  That’s true.  But, Moscow would think twice if the United States exercised leadership (something, unfortunately, Obama has NOT shown yet), and flexed IT’S military muscle in the region.  For over 8 months we’ve been advocating here at The Daily Buzz several measures we believe would send a clear message to Vlad and the rest of the thugs in his lawless regime, including:  1)  Park an entire U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group (CSG) in the Baltic; NOT just some random token destroyer.  Parking a major military power projection platform like that in Russia’s back yard, literally, would send that clear message.  2)  Rebuild the missile defense shield system in Poland that Obama so foolishly had dismantled after he became President in order to appease Vlad.  That would send a message to our friends in eastern Europe that we stand WITH them.  So far, the message Obama has sent them is that they’re on their own.

There are many other measures we could take…and we should.  The message we should NOT be sending is the one that Angela Merkel is sending.. “don’t make Vlad angry.”  Whatever..  I miss the good ol’ days when Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev to go play with himself.  THAT strategy resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It worked!  Its time we remember THAT piece of history.

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