Michael Moore whines: Clint Eastwood threatened to ‘kill me’ in an ‘American ISIS’ attack

Michael Moore, Hollywood’s outspoken left-leaning film maker, confirmed in a Facebook post that Clint Eastwood did in fact threaten to kill him during an awards dinner held ten years ago. And what’s more: He concluded his remarks by saying vicious verbal attacks are akin to an “American Isis,” he wrote. He posted on his Facebook page a message entitled: “The Day Clint Eastwood Said he Would ‘Kill’ Me, 10 Years Ago This Week,” and that included — in conclusion — that those who issue scathing verbal attacks are akin to Islamic State terrorists. He then went on: “A lot of people are asking me if this is true as this ‘rumor’ about Clint Eastwood confronting me in 2005 has now re-surfaced and floated around the internet in the past few days. So I thought I should say a few words … Ten years ago this past week, Clint Eastwood stood in front of the National Board of Review awards dinner and announced to me and to the crowd that he would ‘kill me if I ever came to his house with my camera for an interview. ‘I’ll kill you,’ he declared.”

Yeah..  sure he did, Michael…ya big baby.  You really can’t make this stuff up.  Let’s stop and think about this..  Clint Eastwood is a pretty soft spoken gentleman.  Assuming this happened 10 years ago (he’s currently 84), Clint would have been 74.  And, we’re talking about Clint Eastwood; aka Dirty Harry.  It’s hard to fathom “the Enforcer” making ANY threats to anyone.  He doesn’t have to.  He’s Clint Eastwood.  Ya know?  And, the former mayor of Carmel, CA is well liked and respected (regardless of political ideology) throughout the HollyWEIRD community.  Michael is just making up outrageous bs to get back in the limelight, and is probably jealous that Clint’s movie is breaking all sorts of records.  Michael is just a little, jealous, liberal, child…whining like the calorically-challenged sissy la la that he is.  Loser..

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