‘American Sniper’ To Out-Gross All 18 Anti-War On Terror Films Combined

Over the course of about 5 years between 2004 – 2009, Hollywood produced no fewer than 18 anti-War On Terror box office bombs that defamed our country, our troops, and the righteous cause of the war against Islamic extremism. Every single one of those films bombed. The flop rate was 100%. Even Leftists stayed away in droves.

But, boy did they turn out to see “American Sniper.”  This doesn’t surprise me one bit..  But, it must be driving the HollyWEIRD liberal elite bananas!


    1. Wouldn’t know. Haven’t seen it yet, I’m afraid. Its on my list of to-dos, though…as is reading Chris’ autobiography which I got on Amazon.com That said, and according to people I know who’ve seen it, it’s not as gory as other war flicks. So, I’ll respectfully take that with a grain of salt…til I see it. Cheers!

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