Month: January 2015

SNL Mocks Seahawks in Pre-Super Bowl Show

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” took a jab at the Seattle Seahawks one week after making fun of the New England Patriots for “Deflategate.”In the sketch, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and running back Marshawn Lynch host a Super Bowl preview show. Lynch initially refuses to answer even basic questions. Sherman then turns to the Seahawks fans who say they’ve been fans “since the beginning, of 2013.”

This is a pretty funny video.   🙂

Pat Condell: ‘We Can’t Afford Anymore Tolerance’

Former stand-up comedian and current YouTuber Pat Condell declared “we can’t afford anymore tolerance” in a video posted in September of 2012 in reaction ongoing riots over the film “Innocence of Muslims.” Condell, an atheist who declares “I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended” on his website, argued “we in the civilized world are being urged to censor ourselves out of respect for a religion that violates the human rights of half the people on the planet and that doubles as a political ideology indistinguishable from Nazism.”

Good on Pat! He is exactly right about Islamo-fascists (i.e. Boko Haram, ISIS/ISIL, Hamas, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc.).  And, being an atheist, its interesting that he is so outspoken against that specific group/religion.  Regardless, he is right about this…even if he’s a bit misguided about the whole atheism part, lol.

Greg Gutfeld Schools Marilyn Manson for Bashing Charlie Hebdo Writers

Greg Gutfeld took Marilyn Manson to task earlier this week on Fox News Channel’s The Five for comments the “controversial” rocker made in an interview in which he claimed that Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of Mohammed were a “dumb idea.” In an interview with the A.V. Club last week, Manson said he thought it was a “dumb idea” to make fun of a terrorist group. “Someone asked my opinion about [the Paris attacks], and I said, ‘I can’t say they didn’t ask for it. It’s kind of a dumb idea to do something like that,’” Manson said. “I’m not saying they deserved it. I’m just saying, personally, would I f***ing make fun of a terrorist group? Absolutely not.” On The Five, Gutfeld called Manson “a rebel for people who think rebellion is wearing black lipstick and loitering in front of a Hot Topic.”

Exactly!!  Greg is right on!  Brian Warner (aka “Marilyn Manson”) is cowardly, gutless wuss.  He’s all bark, and zero bite.  When he got his start, he talked a LOT of smack.  But, when REAL lives are on the line with REAL consequences (not made up fantasy), he runs like a sissy la la….and worse, he kinda pokes fun at those who died actually taking a stand for free speech.  Good on Greg for calling “Marilyn” on his gutless hypocrisy.  Excellent!   🙂

Obama: ‘We can afford’ $74B spending increase

Despite a national debt over $18 trillion, President Obama said Saturday the nation can afford the major spending increases he’ll put forward in his fiscal year 2016 budget, due out Monday. In his weekly address, Mr. Obama made the case that the federal government has the money to invest in infrastructure, education and other priorities because of shrinking deficits, though he also is calling for tax hikes on the wealthy to fund his desired $74 billion increase in spending. His budget also would undo the automatic cuts known as sequestration, paving the way for even higher spending down the road.

A slave to his extreme, failed, liberal, Democrat ideology…  All Obama can do is spend, spend, spend…OUR MONEY!!  We have a national debt of over $18 TRILLION, and all he wants to do (and know how to do) is spend MORE….of OUR that isn’t there!  If we as a nation go bankrupt, he couldn’t care less…as long as it doesn’t disrupt his tee-time.  He’s the classic limousine liberal.  Since Obama has become President, we’ve had  credit downgrades.  No other President, regardless of party, has that kind of blemish on their resume.  And, he still has a couple more years to go, unfortunately.  Of course his ridiculous budget proposal will be dead on arrival on Capitol Hill.  Hopefully the GOP majority will use this opportunity to counter Obama’s outrageous budget proposal to smack it down and offer a counter-proposal that shows actual, fiscal discipline…and defunds a LOT of the domestic spending bs that is crushing us.  The new GOP majority was given a very clear mandate back in November.  NOW is the time for them to flex that muscle and shove Obama’s nonsense right down his throat.  For them to do anything else would be an offense to the voters who put them there.  Guess we’ll see…

New video purportedly shows beheading of 2nd Japanese hostage by ISIS

An online video purports to show Islamic State group militants beheading Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. The video, released late Saturday, shows a militant with a British accent beheading Goto. The video, released via militant websites, bore the symbols of previous Islamic State group videos. It could not be immediately independently confirmed by The Associated Press.

It appears these ISIS/ISIL vermin have done it again..  Keep this in mind the next time you hear that brain-trust, Hillary, talk about how we need “understand and empathize” with ISIS/ISIL.  And to think that some people in this country actually think she’s smart….and, God help us, would make a good President.

Freedom Lovers: Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent Team Up For Wild Day at Texas Ranch

The latest edition of Amazing America with Sarah Palin provided that perfect concoction to make a liberal’s head explode–two freedom loving Americans enjoying the outdoors and hunting while talking about God and clean living. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hit the road herself for this installment of the Sportsman Channel program to spend a day with legendary rocker Ted Nugent. The duo were two peas–or two guns on a rack–when Palin paid a visit to Nugent’s Spirit Wild Ranch in China Spring, Texas.

Uncle Ted and Sarah Barracuda hangin’ together..  Gotta see this episode!    🙂