Target’s use of white models for ‘Annie’ clothing line sparks controversy

Target is facing backlash after using white girls to model a new clothing line mirrored after Will Gluck’s 2014 version of “Annie,” played by black actress Quvenzhané Wallis.

Seriously?  The race Nazis, and pc police are on a roll here…and showing how foolish they really are.  Newsflash.. The online adds for Target have both black AND white girls modeling these outfits.  No harm, no foul.  Case closed.

As an aside, and as a matter of historical record, last I checked.. the original “Annie” (dating back to the real life girl on whom the 1885 poem was originally written..and where this all started) including the comic strip dating back to the 1920s, the 1977 musical, the 1982 movie and the 1999 remake..were all white girls.  So, what?  Now the latest version of “Annie” has a black girl, so the first 125+ years of “Annie” history has to be erased?  Is that where we are now?  Stories like this drive me nuts.  Some people have nothing better to do than play the race card and the victimization card.  Think I’ll go do some shopping at Target..

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