Month: November 2014

Breath test to detect pot is being developed at Washington State Univ.

A team at Washington State University is working to develop a breath test that could quickly determine whether a driver is under the influence of marijuana.

Maybe they should have developed this for law enforcement (LE) BEFORE they legalized it places like WA and CO.  Just sayin..

Louis Farrakhan justifies racial violence: ‘Let’s die for something’

The Rev. Louis Farrakhan gave a racially charged sermon on Saturday, arguing that a “law for retaliation” exists in Islam that justifies violence in the wake of grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

As we’ve been saying from day one here at The Daily Buzz…  It is the liberal, Democrat, black race hustlers and agitators that are driving this whole racial divide.  Jesse Jackson has his “monochrome coalition,”  that tax cheat Al Sharpton has MSNBC and his National Action Network, AG Eric Holder has his so-called “Civil Rights Division” of the Justice Department which, with Obama’s blessing and encouragement, has the ability to muster all sorts of resources (at taxpayer expense, no less) to harass local police departments, the New Black Panther Party is out trying to assassinate public officials and cops while plotting to blow up the Arch in St. Louis, and then there is ol’ Louis Farrakhan and his gangster (or should I say “gangsta”) Nation of Islam openly calling for violence and bloodshed against whites.  And yet, NOWHERE in the dominantly liberal mainstream media is this aired!  Just fathom if some white evangelical southern Baptist minister in the south had called for violence against blacks.  It’d be EVERYWHERE for MONTHS!  Again, the duplicity and double standard of the liberal media is truly breathtaking.

Ferguson Agitator Warns USA Today: Some ‘Going to Have to Die,’ ‘There Should Be Bloodshed’

USA Today proclaims the aftermath of the shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri is a “defining moment for race relations in USA.” Sadly, the paper also gave space for one protester to call for murder to be committed for the “cause.”

Agreed.  The dominantly liberal mainstream media is using the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri to promote THEIR agenda for racial division.  Promoting violence is so irresponsible.  And, so many of these racial agitators don’t really even know what they’re protesting.