Clapper, lawmakers defend intel community’s work on ISIS after Obama remarks

The top U.S. intelligence official, in a memo to staff obtained by Fox News, praised his analysts for their work bringing attention to the Islamic State’s gains over the past two years — as Republican lawmakers likewise jumped to their defense after President Obama claimed they “underestimated” the threat.

I’m no fan of retired Lieutenant General James Clapper…and thought he knowingly mislead Congress about some of the intelligence Community’s (IC) activities. That said, it wasn’t his fault that he was put between a rock and a hard place. Again, LTG Clapper is put in the same position by his boss, Obama. And, I think this shows leadership on his part, sending this memo to his staff members. So, good on him.

As for what Obama knew about ISIS/ISIL.. Its clear he knew about them, and the threat they posed, for WELL over a year. That much we know for sure. And, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) says SHE (as a member of Congress) was aware of ISIS for almost TWO years…and she noted that the President has access to MUCH more information about such things than members of Congress do…which is also true. Given the two, I’d trust the Congresswoman, who isn’t running for re-election and has nothing to lose, ALL day long over Obama.

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