Month: October 2014

Immigration Crisis: 94% of Border Crossers Skip Court Hearings over 11-Week Period

Thousands of family units that recently entered the United States illegally failed to appear before immigration judges between July 18 and October 7 of this year.

Big surprise…NOT!  So, over 90% of illegals crossing our southern border, who are given a court date to meet with an immigration judge, fail to appear…and just disappear into our country.  Gee… What are the odds?  This is EXACTLY what Obama, AG Eric Holder, and the rest of the administration want to happen.  They have contempt for our immigration laws, and the rule of law in general.  ICE needs to be rounding up these illegals by the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands and deporting them.  They should pay particular attention to those already convicted criminal aliens.  And, again, we need to BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border to prevent would-be illegals from stepping one foot on U.S. soil.  Those troops should stay there until the wall is built, and the border secured once and for all….however long that takes!

Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from Mexican jail, immediately returns to US

U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, jailed more than 200 days in Mexico, was freed by a judge Friday and immediately returned to the U.S., his family said.

Thank God!  Its about time!!  Glad to see some judge in Mexico did the right thing when our inept, and uncaring, golfer-in-chief, Obama, wouldn’t lift one finger to call his Mexican counterpart to demand Sgt. Tahmooressi’s release half a year ago!  Had Obama done that, he would have been out within 48 hours of that phone call, guaranteed.  Its is beyond outrageous that Obama didn’t care enough about one of our Marines to simply make a call…and it speaks volumes about what he really thinks about those of us who have served in uniform.  Shame on him.  Again, we’re all very glad to hear about this warrior’s release.  I wonder if the Mexican government returned his firearms as well..  Welcome home Sergeant!

Sharpton calls for federal prosecution in Ferguson

With a grand jury decision and a local election looming, the Rev. Al Sharpton returned to St. Louis on Friday to renew calls for the federal prosecution of a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black 18-year-old in the nearby suburb of Ferguson.

Al is just one of those people we wish would just go away.  He is the worst kind of race-hustling ambulance chaser who doesn’t care a wit about the damage he causes.  He is in it only for himself.  Don’t think otherwise for a minute.  He is a brazen racist.

Iraq War Vet Banned from Daughter’s School for Opposing Muslim Homework

On October 28, USMC Iraq War veteran Kevin Wood was banned from La Plata High School property in Charles County, Maryland, for arguing with school officials over a homework assignment requiring his daughter to “list the benefits of Islam.”

As a vet myself, I’m sympathetic to the frustration of this dad.  But, he clearly didn’t handle this as well as he could have.  And, we typically don’t do the human interest stories here at The Daily Buzz.  That said, it is VERY interesting that this man’s daughter was asked to do a homework assignment that asked her to list the “benefits of Islam.”  Wow!  I wonder if any teachers in this school would issue a homework assignment asking the kids to list the “benefits of Christianity?”  Yeah..  Probably not.  And, therein is what makes this story interesting.

Vlad the Impaler: The real Dracula’s dark secrets

Count Dracula might be a fictional character who makes the blood curdle on Halloween, but his historical namesake is not.

Just a few tidbids about Vlad the Impaler, Vlad III, Pince of Wallachia, or simply Dracula as he is most infamously known as.  In his day, he slaughtered tens of thousands, and DID live in Transylvania, Romania.  Today, one of his many castles, Castle Bran, is for sale.  And, if you have between $80 Million and $135 Million, you too can place a bid.

EDITORIAL: Why hasn’t Army’s report on Bowe Bergdahl been released?

The Army has apparently completed its investigation of the circumstances surrounding the suspected desertion of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, but no one expects to see the results before Tuesday’s elections.

Why the heck not?  The American people have a right to know what happened to SGT Bergdahl, and decide if our President made a wise (albeit illegal) decision to trade him for five hardened top Taliban commanders being held at Gitmo.  The President works for us; NOT the other way around.  We pay his salary.  And, the longer this info is withheld from the American people, the more it appears that the President, and his administration are hiding, or covering up, something.

Islamic State Training Five-Year-Olds in ‘Terror Schools’

The self-proclaimed Islamic State is teaching children as young as five to become soldiers and suicide bombers in ‘terror schools’, an anti-ISIS campaign group has revealed.

This is what we’re up against.  And, an air campaign won’t address THIS at all..