Election monitor argues strict photo ID laws won’t oppress transgender voters

A voter integrity watchdog says a study arguing transgender voters could be disenfranchised by strict voter ID laws is overblown.

This is today’s ridiculous story of the day..and makes for a good laugh on this Friday. Of COURSE anything put out by UCLA (a breathtakingly liberal university in the People’s Republic of California) regarding the LGBT issue is gonna be “overblown.” Recently we reported on a newly released census study that says those who consider themselves to be LGBT is between 3-4% of the total U.S. population. I was under the impression for years (thanks to the disinformation on this subject) that it was between 8-10%. So, I was WAY off. Federal government statistics set me straight, and we reported that. Facts, indeed, ARE “stubborn things!” UCLA is suggesting that voter ID laws are “oppressing” members of the LGBT community. Gimme a break! Is that same community “oppressed” by their driver’s licenses when they get pulled over? or if they’re carded at a drinking establishment? I kinda doubt it. Its all bs; always is. And don’t ya ever notice how those same groups that cry “oppression” over such things as voter ID laws (which make perfect common sense), are those same groups that tend to get indicted for voter fraud? Groups like Obama’s old group ACORN? Yeah.. Consider the sources. Its perfectly reasonable to have to show a valid, government issued, photo ID in order to vote. You have to have one to drive a car, or be able to drink alcohol in a bar or restaurant. It makes all the sense in the world that you prove you actually live where you say you live (and that you’re not dead or a dog, etc.) in the district where you’re voting, and properly registered to vote in that election. Its just a small way, at the local level, to cut down on the out-of-control rampant voter fraud in this country. There are already studies suggesting that Obama MAY have actually lost the 2012 election, and that Mitt Romney won that election. But, voter fraud on the part of many Democrats pushed Obama over the line. Of course its all water under the bridge now. Just consider how different things would have been the last two years had Mitt won. Yeah.. Exactly..

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