Month: September 2014

Archaeologist believes he’s found ‘Dracula’s dungeon’

An archaeologist who has been part of the restoration and excavation effort at Turkey’s Tokat Castle believes he has uncovered the dungeons where Vlad the Impaler was once held.

Very cool! The photo here, however, is not that of Tokat Castle in Turkey…but rather Castle Bran in Transylvania, Romania. As an aside, Castle Bran is actually up for sale currently. So, if you have roughly $80 MILLION handy, you could own one of Vald III’s (aka Vlad the Impaler…aka Dracula) castles. C’mon.. How cool would that be?! 🙂

KISS’ Peter Criss: You don’t need boobs to get breast cancer

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Peter Criss on leaning on his faith and raising awareness about breast cancer

A really great interview with Peter Criss, founding member/drummer of the rock band KISS. He was diagnosed with male breast cancer. Yep, you read that correctly. He talks about that experience and being inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of fame along with the rest of the founding members. Peter is a class act, and takes the higher road when the interviewer gives him an opportunity to bash KISS bassist Gene Simmons, and the bands lead singer Paul Stanley.

Washington Times settles case with Homeland over improper seizure of reporter’s notes

Documents improperly taken in raid on Audrey Hudson’s home identified confidential sources

Glad the courts were able to provide this reporter some restitution of her notes and such. But, this is yet another example of this Obama administration overstepping its authority. DHS had NO right whatsoever to confiscate this reporters notes and materials.

US poised to become world’s leading liquid petroleum producer

The US is overtaking Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of liquid petroleum, in a sign of how its booming oil production has reshaped the energy sector.

Great news!! But, its just the first step. Our domestic energy laws and policies are counterproductive, and we have a White House and administration that is anti-oil, anti-coal, and frankly anti jobs. To those fascists its just green, green, green. Just imagine how many Americans we could put to work if we encouraged domestic oil drilling, clean coal production, fracking in the Dakotas and Colorado, and sealed our porous border. Just imagine how our economy would take off!

CDC confirms first case of Ebola in US: UPDATE

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed on Tuesday that a patient being treated at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, the first case diagnosed in the United States.

This is an update to the story we posted earlier this afternoon.. The man in question came from Liberia, one of the African nations afflicted with Ebola. How was this man allowed into the U.S. to begin with?!? Holy crap!! The first thing that the State Dept should do is IMMEDIATELY suspend ALL travel and visas from ANYONE from Libera, Sieera Leone, and any other nation where there has been an Ebola outbreak. That’s just common sense, and is in our nation’s national security interests, for crying out loud! If we’re willing to send 3,000 U.S. military troops to do God knows what in Africa, then the very least we can do is suspend ALL travel from ALL persons from ALL of the African nations affected by Ebola. Period!

St. Louis Cardinals Ace Pitcher Adam Wainwright named top NL pitcher for August

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright was named the National League Pitcher of the Month on Tuesday.

Excellent! Congrats to Adam Wainwright!! And Congrats, again, to the St. Louis Cardinals for clinching the National League Central Division title!! GO CARDINALS!!! 🙂

CDC confirms first case of Ebola in US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the first case of Ebola in the United States Tuesday.

Like there was any doubt this would eventually happen? Here at The Daily Buzz we’ve been warning that this would happen for several months now, and have been pushing for measures to prevent this from happening. None of those measures included sending 3,000 U.S. military personnel to Africa.. But, naturally, thats what Obama has done. Go figure..

Anyway, now that Ebola is confirmed here, we need to take aggressive pro-active measures (i.e. enhanced border security, visa screenings, medical screenings and education, etc.) NOW to ensure this but an isolated situation. This is something that the CDC should work on in conjunction with the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS), and other federal, state, and local agencies. God help us all..

White House warns reporter not to talk to attendees at first lady’s campaign event

A journalist covering first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign appearance in Wisconsin said a White House aide told her that she wasn’t allowed to talk to people in the crowd.

Another example of the fascist, Chicago-thug like tactics used by Obama, his administration, and now the First Lady…to silence dissent. Its clear that Michelle Obama is now part of the White House attack machine. So, that makes her fair game in the contact sport that is election politics.

In America the press enjoys very specific First Amendment protections. Assuming this really happened… Whoever this White House thug is that told this female reporter to not talk to folks at this campaign rally in Wisconsin, should be publicly identified and humiliated. Not only should that person be fired… BUT, a Congressional investigation should be convened, as this is hardly the first time this White House has threatened or intimidated those in the media. Just ask James Rosen, the senior Washington correspondent over at Fox News. Obama had AG Eric Holder and his Justice Department target James Rosen as a co-conspirator in some fictitious federal crime…just to shut James up. James is an outstanding reporter who is a consummate professional.

Anyway, there is very definitely a culture at the White House that targets opposition media personnel, and conservatives in general. As an example, currently there is Congressional investigation under way investigating the IRS (an executive branch agency that reports to AG Eric Holder and the Justice Dept) for its unconstitutional, brazen, abuse of power in targeting conservative organizations, many of whom are Tea Party affiliated, for excessive audits and so on. For over 5 years, the IRS has been going after certain organizations (primarily conservative, or Republican) because of their political ideology or affiliations. That’s completely illegal and a brazen violation of the U.S. Constitution. The primary person of interest there is Lois Lerner, a political appointee, who has thus far invoked her 5th Amendment rights, and has refused to testify under oath before Congress. She, of course, should be held in contempt of Congress, and thrown in jail. But, I’m thinking this goes MUCH higher.. So, again, Congress (after the November elections, of course) should convene an investigation into how the White House has been targeting certain members of the media, and has used almost mafia-like tactics against those news sources and persons. And people still ask me why I refer to people like Obama, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) who wants to do away with the First Amendment altogether and has said as much, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) who wants to take away our guns (something that Hitler did..gun confiscations), AG Eric Holder (who is a full blown racist fascist), and others as “Nazis.” You have to be a total Obama-zombie to not understand why, lol. In the meantime, I hope Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) is re-elected…along with others whom the White House has been targeting and campaigning against. That’d be poetic justice.

William Shatner: I’ve been contacted about ‘Star Trek 3’

The ever-evolving tale of William Shatner’s possible return for the third film in the rebooted “Star Trek” series has taken another strange turn – with Shatner now confirming that he has been in contact with the production.

And “the Shat” has said its a package deal: him and Leonard Nimoy. How cool would THAT be?!? I’m a HUGE Trekkie, especially a fan of the original series (I own all three original series on blu ray, of course). I even have an autograph from Leonard Nimoy I got as a little kid at an event he was at.

Nimoy, now 83, has said he has retired and will no longer don his Vulcan ears, which he last wore in the latest Star Trek movie which came out last year. But, I guess anything is possible. Regardless, I know that Trek will definitely “live long, and prosper.”..and I look forward to the next movie scheduled for release in 2016, just in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary…and probably why J.J. Abrams would love to get Nimoy and Shatner involved somehow. Stay tuned! 🙂