As Democrats avoid Obama, Romney is in demand on the midterm campaign trail

As Democrats avoid Obama, Romney is in demand on the midterm campaign trail

Watch the video here about some of Mitt’s “spot on predictions” that he had back in the 2012 campaign….especially those of you who actually voted to re-elected that knucklehead, Obama.  Keep in mind, this article is from the very liberal Washington Post.  Mitt’s credibility has clearly gone WAY up.  And, even though he has clearly stated he is NOT running again for Pres…ya never know.  Yes, he is rather stiff in front of the camera and isn’t as “cool” as Obama came across in that election.  But, so what?  If ya study history, Abe Lincoln was dreadful to look at in debates, sounded funny with his high voice, and probably would NEVER have been elected with today’s HDTV paradigm.  And he turned out pretty good, lol.   You want someone you can trust, and who has executive experience.  Mitt has executive experience (former Governor), and gobs of private sector experience creating several VERY successful companies.  He knows how to make a dollar.  Our current idiot-in-chief  (prior to being President) NEVER had ANY executive experience and never ran a company.  The former “community organizer” probably is the most Unqualified President we’ve ever had.  And, boy has it shown!  With a debt of over $17.5 TRILLION, and growing, we need someone who actually knows how our economy works, and someone we can trust; someone who understands how the world really is…and not how he wishes it were.  Mitt very accurately predicted how much of a geopolitical threat Russia would become.  Obama laughed at, and made fun of Mitt, for saying that.  Now whose laughing?  Yeah..

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