Month: August 2014

‘Not A Difficult Decision’: Michael Sam Cut By Rams

Michael Sam released by St. Louis Rams

I predicted this would happen.  So, this hardly surprises me.  Michael Sam played pretty well for a rookie in pre-season.  But, the competition was stiff, and it was entirely a business decision by the RAMS.  I’m sure he’ll land somewhere..  And, at worst, he still might land on the RAMS’ practice squad.  Good luck to Michael…and…. GO RAMS!!!!!!    🙂

Russia to get hit with new EU sanctions over Ukraine

Russia to get hit with new EU sanctions over Ukraine

How pathetic does this make Obama look (not like he needed any help there)…  Wow..  On the one hand you have British PM David Cameron being assertive and showing great leadership; saying NOTHING is off the table with respect to dealing with ISIS.  And now, you see the EUROPEAN UNION taking the initiative and using clear language and preparing to hit Vlad with serious economic sanctions.  What is Obama doing?  Saying he WON’T do this or that, and that he has “no strategy” for dealing with ISIS…and then heading off to another fund raiser or the golf course.  He’s a dithering, pathetic, national embarrassment.