U.S. troops told not to eat, drink in front of Muslims during Ramadan

U.S. troops told not to eat, drink in front of Muslims during Ramadan

This is so outrageous and offensive, its hard to put into words.  Its one thing to get your cultural training, pamphlets and so on when you go to another country.  Those of us who have been there, and done that, have gone through that.  No big deal.  We endeavor to build bridges, and be respectful of our hosts, when in their country.  But, for a Brigade Commander (full colonel) to tell his troops that are here “stateside” to be culturally sensitive to Muslims in AMERICA and not eat in their presence?  Huh?  Are you kidding me?!  When was the last time a commander admonished troops to learn about, and be more tolerant of, Christians?  I’ve never heard such a thing.  This is just more political correctness being forced upon the military.  COL Glasz should be relieved of his command for this embarrassingly poor judgment call on his part.  Unreal..

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