Marine Le Pen takes poll lead in race for next French presidential election

Marine Le Pen takes poll lead in race for next French presidential election

This is actually HUGE news in France;  a country historically known for being off the charts socialist.  They riot in Paris when they don’t have months and months of vacation.  But, that laziness has finally caught up with them, and the people are coming to their collective senses, realizing that gosh..socialism doesn’t work…something that Obama doesn’t get.  So, the pendulum is swinging the other direction to the right.  That said, Le Pen’s “National Front” party really is not as “far right” as the very socialist/liberal European media would have you believe.  Yeah, they’re for a bit harsher law enforcement than France is normally accustomed to.  And, NF is for cracking down on illegal immigration (imagine that!).  But, they support Israel’s right to defend itself, and see Iran as a potential threat.  Makes sense to me!  And Marine and her NF party support the current socialized (i.e. government run) health care, education, and transportation industries/sectors of society.  So, hardly a “far right” party, if ya stop and think about it.  Marine is very charismatic and popular.  And with Nick Sarkozy struggling with charges of corruption, this might be Marine’s moment.  Stay tuned…

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